Mother’s Day may seem like it’s a ways off, but it is just around the corner! Don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift for the mothers in your life. We’ve got some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that will add beauty to your home décor with a personal and thoughtful touch.

There is no better Mother’s Day gift than a handmade creation from a small child. Get the kids involved in creating a living work of art that you can proudly, and stylishly, display in your home with the hanging bio dome glass terrarium from CB2. Check out our photo gallery for great ideas on ways you can stage these cute pieces throughout your home. At $6.95 a pop, you almost have to get a few!

Hanging Glass Terrarium Bio Dome Set Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source: cb2

Breakfast in bed is a tradition shared by many families on Mother’s Day. The mother in your life deserves to be pampered and spoiled, especially on Mother’s Day. Start the day off perfectly with a stack of flapjacks served on The Pancake Plate! Instead of saturating your hotcakes with Aunt Jemima, the raised edge slopes towards you, collecting a pool of syrup that is ideal for dipping.

Pancake Plate Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source:

Add more WOW to your breakfast-in-bed surprise with a brand new set of serving trays. These blue mirrored glass beauties by West Elm will add instant beauty, glamor and shine to a side table, ottoman or bed. A Mother’s Day breakfast spread  will look even more delicious on a this elegant serving tray.

Blue Glass Serving Trays Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source: West Elm

What is your coffee mug situation? I have a cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to coffee mugs. Like some collect shot glasses from adventures throughout the years, I somehow have managed to acquire quite a random collection, including a “World’s Greatest Mom” coffee mug. (Who doesn’t have one of those, right?) This year, instead of gifting a photo mug or one that was created in mass production, why not give a hand-made set? Healing Touch Pottery hand crafts their mugs with healing powers. They infuse the clay with various minerals during the firing process and crown each mug with one of four healing stones. Each stone has their own electromagnetic energy pattern and some believe they possess healing powers. Even if you don’t believe in all that jazz, the placement of these adorning stones makes a beautiful space to rest your thumb while grasping that early morning cup of fuel. See more designs here!

Healing Birthstone Mugs Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source: Healing Touch Pottery

Sometimes, all a mother wants is some time to herself. Give Mom a break! Draw a bath and surprise her with this acacia wood bath caddy. It is designed to hold a glass of wine, a cell phone and a book or tablet. You can make it extra special by adding a personal message to the recipient to read as they relax.

Tablet Bath Caddy Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source:

Chances are the jewelry loving lady in your life already has a jewelry box of some kind. But does she have a jewelry bowl? Created by pottery artisan Tracey Shea, this handmade-in-the-USA Green Lace Pottery Jewelry Bowl is a beautiful and functional home accessory. Designed to be displayed on a dresser or side table, this unique piece is the perfect catch-all for daily jewelry and accessories.

Green Lace Pottery Jewel Box Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source: Etsy

It seems that nearly every family has someone who makes wearable creations with yarn. Small enough to fit in your lap and heavy enough to sit tableside, this handmade-in-the-USA stoneware bowl keeps yarn balls in place while you knit, crochet or weave. But don’t gift an empty yarn bowl to a yarn-a-holic! Fill it with a skein of hand dyed fine fibers from my favorite made-to-order yarn supplier, the Ewe Love Yarn Shop. Even if you don’t know a thing about yarn, they will help you select the perfect fibers and and colors for your knitting lover of a mother.

Yarn Bowl Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source:
Ewe Love Yarn Shop Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
Photo Source:

For even more super cool, unique and creative gift ideas that will also compliment your home decor, see our Christmas Gift Guide and Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. Don’t forget to check out our latest Before & After interior design projects on Houzz!

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