The master bathroom is a magical place, where you can close the door and refresh. If you don’t feel the magic when you walk into your own master bathroom, it might be time for an update. Give yourself the gift of design this holiday season, and wake up to a brand new bathroom in the upcoming year. Here are some new trends and technological advances that we, as interior designers at Design Connection, Inc. love.

Bathtubs: The bathtub makes a great focal point. The stand alone tub has come a long way since the claw foot tub. Today, you can select a gorgeous stand alone tub in almost any style.  If you still can’t find exactly what you want, we can always frame out the exact shape you desire, using tile or wood surround to capture the style. A great technological advance for bathtubs is the Pure Air feature. Think of a million small and gentle bubbles giving you the perfect mild massage.

If any of these tubs catch your eye, you can learn more about them by visiting Cheviot, Ariel and Jacuzzi

Vanities: The vanity should be beautiful and functional. There are many things to coordinate when designing a vanity. We always spend some time discussing with our clients, what their morning routine is. For women there are many tricks to making hair drying and makeup a breeze. For men an extra outlet for an electric shaver and toothbrush can make all the difference.

Trends in vanities: More people are asking for vanities that have more of a furniture feel. To accomplish this, you could reconfigure a great piece of furniture into a vanity. Or bring in certain details to capture the feeling of furniture into the cabinetry. By breaking up the height of the vanity top you create a vanity with more elements. These smaller elements resemble the characteristics of furniture, which combats the long typical vanity.

Design Tip: As time moves on, so do design standards. Back in the day, vanities were placed at around 30”, but today, we are designing them at 34”-36” which is a much more comfortable height. If raising your cabinets would make brushing your teeth more comfortable, you can do this by resetting your cabinet and adding a filler piece. Consider changing out your countertop, backsplash, hardware, sink and faucet, and raising your existing cabinet. This will create a dramatic new look.

These great vanities can be found by visiting Splash Kitchens and Baths and picking up a copy of Great Baths Collection

Showers: The shower experience keeps getting upgraded as new ideas in fixtures come out. Body sprays and rainheads are the most popular upgrades that people add as they renovate their bathroom. Kohler is a company leading innovation in the way we take showers.

From a design standpoint I love to bring in fun touches of design in the shower space. From boarders, to pops of color, the possibilities are endless.

Bathrooms are spaces that you can pack a lot of design into. I love working with my clients to design, space plan, renovate or update their master bathrooms. If you are ready to tackle your project, call us. We have the experience and industry connections to bring your project to reality, on time and on budget. Take a moment to view our online portfolio to see our work. If you would like a complimentary in-studio consultation, you can meet our team and learn more about the process.