You master bedroom represents your sanctuary, it is the room that helps you rest and relax after a hectic day. Many people neglect their bedroom and it is often the last to be redesigned. Here are some quick fixes to help inspire any bedroom.

Keep it as unisex as possible, focus on brining in masculine and feminine touches with details and accessories. That might mean neutral colors on the walls and bolder pieces of furniture, then a pop of color with throw pillows and a flower arrangement on the nightstand. Pillows and flowers can be changed to match the seasons, which will keep a fresh new feeling all year round.

Tone down the patterns. If you have more than three major patterns, you are on the verge of going overboard. Instead focus on textures and interesting details, this will make your room unique and special. The quality of your materials is always worth it.

Begin with a plan. Start by picking out your color scheme, then move onto fabrics and textiles, try to have a color or theme that brings all the elements together. And remember it is always easier to add items, than take them away. You don’t have to create the perfect bedroom in one day. Good Luck!