While we’ve been sheltering in place, many of us are rethinking our living spaces. And while the need for a haircut may be keeping us from looking in the mirror, a beautiful, well-placed mirror can do wonders for the look and feel of your home’s spaces. Here’s a glimpse of Design Connection, Inc.’s tips for using mirrors to create light, reflections and interest!

Design Tip: Use a Mirror in a Windowless Space

For windowless rooms, mirrors makes a space feel bigger and brighter. This entry mirror was a good start, but its potential was dwarfed – it was too small, hung too low and was blocked by accessories.

Entry Mirror Before

The entry now sparkles with light!  This mirror mimics a window frame against a wall of pale grey. The height and carved frame add a fresh feel.

Entry Mirror After

Design Tip: Add Light to A Space with Windows

Placing a mirror opposite a window, or next to a window, can immediately enhance the light in a room. Even with a window as the source of natural light, this dining room felt dark and closed off.

Dining Room Before

The natural light in this room gets an elegant boost from this strategically placed mirror! Placed against the soft taupe walls, the mirror is sized to reflect the light from the chandelier for a warm evening ambiance.

Dining Room After

Design Tip: Use a Mirror to Create a Spacious Feel

If there’s anything an average-looking, average-size room needs, it’s a sense of drama and elegance.

Dining Room Before

This room got its Cinderella transformation – and it’s gorgeous! The Design Connection, Inc. team covered one wall  of this dining room with three large mirrors to create a sumptuous feeling of light and spaciousness. The room looks double the size –  with ten times the style.

Dining Room After

Design Tip: Make a Mirror the Focal Point of a Space

Mirrors add a defined focal point to small spaces, and the powder room is the classic example. Who’s the fairest of them all? It could be this beveled beauty!  Mirrors can add as much of a sense of drama to a space as a piece of art.

Powder Room Mirror

Small and narrow sink spaces are a common problem for powder rooms. For this space, Design Connection, Inc. embraced the height of this alcove with a sink-to-ceiling mirror treatment.

Powder Room Before

This client’s powder room glows in the beautiful sheen of this metallic silver wallpaper, reflected in a tall mirror with a custom-made tile frame. It makes this small area feel majestic. So sophisticated!

Powder Room After

Design Tip:  Double the Size for Double the Drama

This bathroom vanity looked and felt weighed down. The window across the room just couldn’t compete with the heaviness of the column cabinets and the bulkiness of the mirror frame.

Bathroom Before

So sleek! The Design Connection, Inc. team fitted the space with double vanities with matching, large scale mirrors. Not only is there ample space for personal grooming – but there’s also double the reflection of light from the window. A win-win!

Bathroom After

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The Design Connection Inc. team hope that all of our clients, suppliers, partners and readers are staying well.

Our best to you all,

Arlene Ladegaard and the Design Connection, Inc. Team


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Photography by Aaron Leimkuehler