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I Am Designer, Hear Me Roar!

Embracing your animal instincts in design. eing off my feet these past few weeks due to my foot surgery had me spending inordinate amounts of time with my beloved dogs and while staying down has been beyond difficult, having them around makes it all better. Despite the pain of recovery, I found myself smiling! As I looked around from my perch on the bed or on the sofa, I started to take note of all the things in my home decor that had a touch of inspiration from the wonderful world of animals. A print here, an accessory there. It got me to thinking that perhaps it’s time to dedicate a blog to animals and how there are countless ways to incorporate them into your interior for a bit of wild and whimsical fun!

Using Rapidly Renewable Resources in Interior Design

Turn on the news lately and chances are you’ll see someone talking about the oil spill in the gulf and the effect it will have on our environment and the way we live. Most of you probably haven’t thought about the impact it will have on design, but everything from concept and fabrication to shipping and installation probably factors in oil in some way, shape or form. This week I wanted to take a minute and tell you about other rapidly renewable resources that you can incorporate into your home decor from floors to walls, these are choices you can really feel good about.

Cork mosaic sideboard from Iannone Design