I was recently on Houzz, the online platform for home remodeling and design. It is a place where designers and homeowners can share projects, inspiration and ideas. I enjoy viewing what designers from all over the world are doing, and what homeowners are interested in. I can across the topic of: Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower. This is interesting to me, because my bathroom remodel clients often ask me the pros and cons of eliminating the bathtub. And I wanted to share my opinion with the readers of my Design Connection, Inc. Blog.

First, I think a bathroom can be successful either direction, and I advise clients to consider their own personal lifestyle preferences. If you enjoy taking a long hot bath as a way to unwind, then you should keep the tub. If you have lived in your home for the past eight years, and no one has ever used the tub, then you should eliminate it! I have found, that in about 50% of my bathroom projects, we eliminate the bathtub and in the other 50% we keep or add a bathtub. So again, focus on your lifestyle preferences when making the decision.

If you eliminate the bathtub, I would focus on updating your shower. I would make sure that it included body jets, a rain head, maybe a handheld fixture, or a combination of those options. I would make sure there is a bench inside the shower, and adequate shampoo storage. Lighting in the shower as well as sleek glass doors are all touches of luxury that homeowners are seeking out today.

This is a beautiful example of a shower by X Styles Baths and More that encompasses all the design points I just mentioned.

I would also make sure that you had an interesting tile design, that created a special look to the shower enclosure. I love timeless design and classic colors, but in bathrooms, I like to pop fun and trendy tiles as an accent of focal point.

If you decided to keep the tub, and are ready to upgrade, make sure to do your research. The old powerful jet sprays are being replaced with the sophisticated air bubble experience. Take a look at the Kohler, they offer four different bathing style options.

If you do enjoy taking baths, then the interior design, should help make it a more pleasant experience. Since a bathtub is usually large, it makes sense to make it a focal point. I really enjoy using a combination of tiles to make this area special. Here is an example of a Design Connection, Inc. project, where the combination of mosaic and dark marble make this bathtub a luxurious bathing experience.

One of the benefits to working with an interior designer, is that we can help make all the decisions that go into a bathroom remodel easy. Homeowners often get overwhelmed quickly by all the choices they have to make. Working with a professional will cater the experience to your lifestyle and design preferences. From tile to fixtures, to lighting and construction, Design Connection, Inc. can take your bathroom from idea to reality. If you are ready give us a call to set up a complementary in studio consultation. We look forward to discussing your project with you 913-210-0511.