As a Greater Kansas City interior designer, it is such an honor to be featured in the April 2014 publication of Leawood Lifestyle Magazine! Here is the Home Matters article written by Ann E. Buentas: Interior Designer vs. Do-It-Yourself?

Designing a room or multiple rooms in your home can seem challenging and overwhelming. The most common stumbling block, however, is the anxiety over how much it would cost to complete the project. Should you employ a do-it-yourself mentality or hand over the reigns to a professional interior designer?

“Even though some people may think that hiring an interior designer is too expensive, doing so will actually save you time and money in the long run,” notes Arlene Ladegaard, owner and principal designer with Design Connection, Inc.

For each project she undertakes, Ladegaard prepares a professional space plan based on the client’s ideas and lifestyle and elegantly pairs that with the understanding of the size and scale of each piece that will go into the finished room, right down to the last accessory.  As a result, she knows exactly how those pieces will function within the space.

“We make sure to first establish the taste and design style of the client and then we set a budget,” comments Ladegaard.

Because of the wealth of knowledge and experience an interior designer brings to the table, she has access to many sources not readily available to the general public. Further, the designer will be able to give special savings on items to which clients otherwise would not have access.

“We buy directly from the manufacturers and that allows us to pass those savings along to our clients,” says Ladegaard, who emphasized that she works with a variety of manufacturers all over the country and is not just limited to those within the Kansas City area.

With each project, Ladegaard subscribes to a timeless and classic style, avoiding current trends or fads, as those short-lived ideas fade quickly and do not provide the lasting value than an otherwise timeless style will. Her attention to detail and her passion for her craft combine seamlessly with her experience to detail, making sure the selected products fit well within the space and function as intended.

“When working with a professional, there are no surprises. You will know exactly what it will cost and you will also be assured that the pieces you buy for the room will actually fit in that room,” explains Ladegaard. “A skilled professional interior designer can find the right product for the right space and deliver the right amount of comfort. We tie the room together, getting it done efficiently and right the first time.”

A professional interior designer can provide lasting and exceptional value, along with savings that complement the budget, all while completing the room and delivering a unique and lasting look.

Design Tip

Space planning and furniture layout is the key to ensure that furniture will fit in your space. Design that is well planned out will keep you from making expensive mistakes.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and I invite you to view the Before & After pics of the Design Connection, Inc. project that was pictured in this article. Leawood Lifestyle Magazine  also shared the news of our recent REMY All Star and Best of Show awards. Check out all of the Before & After pics of this project, too!

We love it when clients of Design Connection, Inc. post reviews of us on online! Here is a testimonial from the happy clients who’s living room is featured in this article:

Prior to working with Design Connection we purchased four major pieces of furniture for our family room. We were at a standstill as to the furniture design of the room. Seeing Design Connection’s photos and feature stories in local magazines, I was attracted to Arlene Ladegaard’s design concepts. Arlene magically transformed our living space into a beautiful and comfortable environment for relaxing and entertaining. She graciously accepted our ideas and incorporated them into an elegant design, changing our room from outdated to updated.
Working with Arlene and her staff has been a delightful experience. We highly recommend Arlene Ladegaard and Design Connection, Inc. as the highest standard in interior design.
– Randi and Joel F.

Design Connection, Inc. is a full service interior design firm known for creating innovative designs that are timeless in style and unique to each client. Whether you are looking to redecorate one room, remodel or build new, Arlene Ladegaard and her experienced team of professionals at Design Connection, Inc. will oversee every detail; from selecting the perfect paint color to creating custom furniture to masterminding an entirely new floor plan, Design Connection, Inc. does it all!