As a Greater Kansas City interior designer, it is such an honor to be featured in the June 2013 publication of Leawood Lifestyle Magazine. The team at Design Connection, Inc. would like to share with our cover story with you.

Space Planning

A Brilliant Way to Update Your Home’s Appeal 

By Ann E. Buentas

Giving your home a fresh, new look does not have to be a huge undertaking, especially when you involve award-winning interior design experts. You can give new style and appeal to that outdated kitchen or add space, functionality and inviting ambiance to an outdated great room or hearth room. And if you think you have to spend a fortune, think again. To kick start your next home redesign project and maximize your investment in it, all you have to do is incorporate a bit of planning initially to ensure a breath-taking result in the end.

Arlene Ladegaard, owner and principal interior designer of Design Connection, Inc., brings her clients her signature service Space Planning, which is essentially a way to analyze a room and all of the elements within that space, including ceiling height, windows, furnishings and accessories, and then taking that information and creating a space that seamlessly blends with your existing home design and lifestyle. Space planning essentially provides and “after” picture before you even begin the room transformation process.

Space Plan Design Connection, Inc. Kansas City Interior Design

“We use space planning to get right sizing and to make sure that the furniture fits the space,” says Ladegaard. “We can take a very small room and through our unique way of planning out the space, we can fit the furnishings and give it a new look. We still maintain the integrity of the home by tailoring the updated look to match the style of the home. It is important to allow the updated room to still blend in with the style of the home and to the tastes of the client.”

Great Room BEFORE by Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design

These photos of a great room in an Overland Park home reveal what the concept of space planning can amazingly do for a room.

Great Room by Design Connection, Inc. Kansas City Interior Design

“This was actually a very small room, but through our unique process of space planning, we were able to open it up with new furniture, such as a leather ottoman and a large colorful wool area rug,” says Ladegaard. “The outdated old tile was replaced with a new textured tile and the mantel was darkened to a beautiful Java color along with new lighting fixtures and end tables. The older white wood blinds were updated with a new dark woven woods and a soft, warm gray color to the walls was added while still maintaining the existing style of the home.”

Updating your home has never been easier, especially when you partner with Design Connection, Inc. “We can take an older home and update it to match its original design while still making it current,” Ladegaard emphasizes.


Hiring a professional interior design expert can sound expensive, but it actually saves homeowners time and expense by helping them make the best choices the very first time and avoiding mistakes. The right designer gets it right the first time!

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