Last weekend I went looking through some old portfolios for photos of a Kansas City kitchen design that I did years ago. Fast forward two hours later and there I am in sitting in the same spot with photo albums strewn about, reminiscing. I’ve been an Interior Designers for 35 years and boy, have I got the pictures to prove it!

Which brings me to the year 1997. Do you remember what you were doing? I remember telling my my teenage daughter that it’s OK to wear something other than flannel shirts and Dr. Martens.  I also remember begging the radio to please give me a 20 minute drive without hearing the Spice Girls. Even though I lost both of those battles, I won recognition for my interior designs.

Through the decades I have seen interior design trends come and go. This kitchen in particular was redesigned by Design Connection, Inc. three times! I first designed this kitchen when the house was built in 1997. At the time, washed Ash or “picked” cabinets were all the rage. Sherman Williams Urban Putty was carefully chosen as a base for the finish on the cabinets. Black Jen-Air appliances were selected and Impala Black granite squares were used for the countertops.

Design Connection, Inc. returned to this kitchen six years later in 2005. While many people, me included, were setting their TIVOs to record Desperate Housewives, many were also tuning in to programs like Extreme Makeover Home Edition and Trading Places.  As interior design styles progressed, homeowners across America were becoming more educated on the latest trends, gaining design inspiration through HGTV’s addictive programs that showcased before & after remodels.

The white-washed cabinetry made popular in the late 90’s was becoming dated as darker woods and rich tones rose in popularity. This homeowner chose to have the white-washed cabinets faux painted and the old black Jen Air appliances updated to stainless steel.

This Design Connection, Inc. kitchen was a feature article in the July/August 2005 edition of Kansas City Home Gardens Magazine.

Now in 2013, eight years later, the homeowners decided it was time for another update. The island was redesigned and accommodations were made for a gorgeous new Wolf gas cooktop. The crowning glory of this new island is the exotic Cosmos granite; an exquisite stone with grays, blacks and nuggets of graphite that sparkle with the overhead lights. In order to maximize storage space, new cabinetry with a pull-out drawer system was designed. The bar stools were also replaced with a gray leather custom set complete with polished nickel nail heads.

The new mosaic tile backsplash features warms grays and pewter accents. Absolute black granite was selected along with a new Grohe faucet.

One of my favorite things about this space is the beautifully framed, deceivingly private window treatments. The soft charcoal linen window sheers are great at blocking the sun and outsider’s views into your home while allowing you to see through your window clearly.

New kitchen chairs with a contract chenille fabric with black table complete this stunning new look.

Are there things about your home that you would like to change? If you were to flip through a photo album from 1997 would your kitchen look the same today as it did 16 years ago? If so, it’ might be time for an update. After all, ceramic tile countertops and those “country chic” cabinets will not be “coming back” in style anytime soon.

At Design Connection, Inc., we’ve got tons of interior design inspiration in our portfolio complete with Before & After pics and stories of our drastic design transformations. If you’re in the Greater Kansas City area, give us a call at 913-210-0511 and take advantage of our complimentary in-studio interior design consultations. We can help you with your remodeling, revamping and restyling projects big and small throughout the Kansas City metro.