Ahhh, the 1980’s… The era of “anything goes” with fashion and design. This once totally bodacious, mauve, carpeted bathroom is now an updated, customized, elegant oasis. Check out these Before & After pics!


While the general design of the original bathroom wasn’t extremely dated, the carpet certainly was. Having carpet in areas with high humidity levels creates an ideal environment for mold. Back in the ‘80’s, carpet in the bathroom wasn’t seen as a science experiment for mold cultivation; it was regarded as lush and luxurious, high-end and sought after. Because of the location and the age of this carpet, safely addressing and removing the mold was our first priority. The carpet was promptly replaced with a heated floor using 12” x 24” textured tiles.

After living in this home for decades, my clients wanted to replace their unused bathtub with a large, well-appointed shower with clean lines and Euro glass doors.

My clients are HUGE Kansas State fans. They requested that the school colors, purple and silver, be showcased in their new bathroom design.

Purple glass mosaics in the built-in shampoo shelves as well as in the back splash above the Cambria Quartz countertops was the perfect solution to this design requirement.


The cabinets were also updated with well thought out storage solutions specific to my clients’ daily life, from hidden outlets and storage for beauty supplies to the easy access built-in cabinet designed to display their perfume collection.




Before & After

As with all of our projects, from complex new construction builds to selecting new furnishings, like this project, a space plan is created. This to-scale floor plan allows us to account for every inch of space and ensures that the new furnishings are sized perfectly for each unique space.

Master Bathroom Elevations Space Plan Design Connection Kansas City Interior Design

At Design Connection, Inc., we include space planning in all of our interior design projects. While not every designer in Kansas City employs the same ideals and concepts that we do, we feel space planning is a big part of what makes our service so extraordinary.  We like to work with our clients closely to make sure that they are happy and in the process it helps us get to know them better and provide a level of service that you won’t find just anywhere.

Is your home in need of a design update? I hope that seeing my award winning interior designs will inspire you to make the changes that you want to see in your home. We know that figuring out where to start can be the hardest part of a home decor update or remodel. We make your tough design decisions easy–Contact us for a complimentary design consultation. From choosing new furniture to re-facing your fireplace to managing a complete home remodel, we can help you with all of your dream home features, all under our roof. When visiting our extensive in-studio sample library, you can see and touch all of your design selections together. Not only can you make all of your design decisions in one place, this convenience makes it easy to envision your new space and be confidant with your choices.