How many shopping days until Christmas? Don’t be left scrambling to find the perfect gift for that hard to shop for family member or friend! The interior design pros at Kansas City’s Design Connection, Inc. have some great “for the home” gift ideas that are thoughtful, personal and totally cool. Find something for everyone and maybe a little something for yourself, in our 2014 Christmas Gift Guide.

Say “I Love You” in an artistic way. If you are having difficulty finding the perfect gift that expresses your feelings, just say it! With Voice Art Canvas Prints, you can transform your voice into a masterpiece, ready to hang on the wall for everyone to enjoy. You can get as creative as you like when designing your personalized sound wave print; whisper your loved one’s name, record your laugh or simply say “I love you”.

Voice Art Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Voice Art Gallery

Voices are as unique as fingerprints-no two are alike. Now your voice can be the basis of a stunning work of art like none other in the world. By selecting the colors for your canvas, you can match your gift with any room’s decor. These prints also look great in the new baby’s room! Your baby’s ultrasound heartbeat or their little coos and laughs will also provide a meaningful and unique pattern on print.

Voice Art Canvas Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Voice Art Gallery

Lighting can have a major impact on your home’s décor. Under-cabinet lighting is an added feature that I use often in the kitchens projects at Design Connection, Inc. LED rope lighting has many benefits beyond the kitchen! From showcasing home accessories on a bookshelf to setting the mood with an extra splash of color, LED rope lighting can enhance any space with an extra bit of drama. This multi-colored LED lighting kit is perfect for any room; from kid’s rooms to the basement staircase. An easy-to-use remote lets you quickly change the 16 color schemes, dim or brighten, or switch between four preset dazzling lighting displays to create the perfect atmosphere. It gets better: Installs in just minutes, NO TOOLS OR SKILL REQUIRED!

LED Multi Color Lighting Kits Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interoir Design Blog
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While we may not all see eye to eye when it comes to which smart phone is better, iPhone and Android users alike share this common ground: Our phones are nasty. They are filthy dirty breeding grounds for bacteria. With cold and flu season in full swing, it’s time to sanitize that phone! The whole household can benefit from a smartphone dip in the Phonesoap Sanitizer. The built-in acoustic amplifiers allow you to listen to music and hear your phone’s ringtone loud and clear while the ultraviolet lights do all the dirty work for you.

Phone Soap Smart Phone Sanitizer Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
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Get even more personal by gifting a docking station in the form of their favorite book. From classic titles with a vintage look to the sleek cover of latest best-seller, booksi by Rich Neely Designs can be customized to fit anyone’s personality and style. The days of losing your charger’s cord behind the desk are in the past! This amazing design blends right in with the surroundings and appears to be just a classic book on the end table or nightstand. For tablets and iPads, the book-stack-style of booksi works great as a functioning tablet stand, as well.

Booksi Charging Book Dock from Our Blog at Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design
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It’s no secret that Kansas City has the best BBQ in the nation. To us Kansas City-ans, BBQ is a noun AND a verb. BBQ is a delicious homemade sauce with a top secret family recipe; BBQ is also a backyard activity enjoyed by all. In Kansas City, the First Day of Spring isn’t necessarily March 21st; the First Day of Spring is when the snow has melted off the grills, and magically, the entire city smells like a cookout. Winters can be tough—and so can waiting for the grill to thaw. It’s not even Christmas yet and I’m already on BBQ withdrawal! Every family has a grill master, and every grill master in the Midwest knows all about BBQ withdrawal.

Curb their cookout cravings with this Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grill. The best elements of an outdoor grill are combined with the convenient features of a dream-kitchen appliance; even heat distribution, large cooking surface, adjustable and detachable thermostat, non-stick, wipe clean… Shall I go on?

Delonghi Perfecto Indoor Grills Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
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Waiting for the snow to melt and for the ground to thaw out takes forever! For those of us who can’t wait for the spring greens to bloom, I have the perfect gift: An indoor garden. Indoor gardens are growing in popularity and the options available to us are endless.

Vertical Living Wall Planters and Gardens Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
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First, consider the gift recipient’s style. Second, consider their living space and where the indoor garden would be placed. Just because Mom likes her fresh herbs year round doesn’t necessarily mean that she would appreciate a ‘living wall”. The Indoor Garden Herbie is compact and cute, using a combination of hydroponics and intensive energy-efficient lighting.

Indoor Garden Herbie Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Urban Gardens

Hardcore green thumbs and inexperienced greenhorns alike can enjoy fresh veggies all year by growing vertically with this automated plant feeding and watering system. The energy efficient Windowfarms Tower supplies plants with nutrient rich water and costs only a few dollars to run all year. Home grown tomatoes in February? Yes, please!!

Windowfarms Tower Indoor Vertical Garden Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
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Indoor plants can give our homes an extra boost of oxygen during the winter season. While we run our heaters all winter, the only chance of getting fresh air in our homes, it seems, is when we rush in and out of the door. Or in my case, when I hold the door open for my dogs who can’t decide if they want to come in or stay outside. If an indoor garden isn’t the perfect gift, flowers are. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

Regardless of the season, fresh flowers bring life and beauty to any room. A bouquet for the host of your Holiday soiree is a beautiful gesture, but, we all know what happens to cut flowers. They don’t last! With an assortment of waterproof planter boxes to choose from and flowers that flourish indoors, Longfield Gardens makes it easy to give a gift that keeps on blooming.

Longfield Gardens Flower Box Gift Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
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Kids can be hard to shop for, too! I could share great gift ideas for kids all day, but today we are talking about gift ideas that everyone in your home will enjoy. It seems that every family has a child who asks Santa Claus for a pet. Make that child’s wish come true while giving a thoughtful gift to the parents, as well. What kind of pet requires minimal responsibility, care and attention? What kind of pet will never need to see the vet? FISH!

Cleaning and maintaining a normal fish tank can be costly, time consuming and quite honestly, a major pain in the keister. Have you ever transferred fish? I speak from experience when I say it can be traumatic for you and the fish (and possibly your child if they happen to witness their fish jump out of the net and flop around on the floor). This innovative spigot-powered design doesn’t need filters, pumps, or electricity. When a clean cup of water is poured on top, the laws of physics take over and flush out the dirty, murky water through the spigot. What a brilliant concept!!! To see a life-sized image of this No-Clean Fish Tank, check it out at Uncommon Goods.

No Clean Fish Tank Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Uncommon Goods

Next to Christmas, what are the kids’ favorite winter holidays? SNOW DAYS! Make the most of being snowed in and stuck at home by winning the war on snow with the ultimate winter weapon: A snowball launcher! The Wham-O Snowball Blaster not only forms perfect, uniform snowballs, it launches them up to 80 feet! While I wouldn’t exactly recommend implementing this gift within your home décor like everything else in this gift guide, but this gift idea is certainly something the whole family will enjoy.

Wham O Snowball Blaster Launcher Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
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Still stumped as what to get that special someone? Check out even more of our gift ideas on Design Connection, Inc.’s Pinterest page.

Do you have a great “for the home” gift idea? Share it with us-Your idea could be featured in next week’s blog!
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