Five minutes is all you need to Christmas-ify your dining room table! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Christmas tablescape ideas that look fantastic and are SO EASY–and only take about five minutes to create!

The lights were strung, our halls were decked, but with so many tasks still remaining on my to-do list, adorning the dining room table in Holiday decor wasn’t exactly my highest priority. But with my husband’s birthday party right around the corner, I got the dining room crossed off of my list. It took me exactly five minutes to plan the food display and add the finishing Holiday touches to the dining room, and it got me thinking…

How will I extend the Holiday cheer into the dining room after the guests leave and the table is cleared? You see, I like to change things up and decorate my dining room table differently every December. Like many of my family, friends and clients, I have a lot going on and this is just one more thing I’d have to get done. Can you relate?

But I am here to tell you that five minutes really is all you need to give your dining room table a gorgeous Holiday makeover. FIVE MINUTES! Here are some of my favorite ideas that I’ve come across this year, most of which are so easy, so inexpensive, and so painless that you won’t even see it as a DIY project or a potential Pinterest Fail.


Mason jars, a few floating candles, fresh cranberries and fresh rosemary (or a snip off of the Christmas tree) is all you need to recreate this festive centerpiece.

See more ideas like this here.


Take inventory of your home and see what you already have on-hand. Mason jars, vases and even wine glasses can be turned into pretty centerpieces using fresh holiday berries and greens. Holly, rosemary, evergreen and holly are all fantastic options. Here are a few more examples:

Nothing says the Holidays like cranberries and candles, right?


Do you have any candy canes hanging around? Great! Add a charming, personalized touch to your Holiday feasts with these super-simple do-it-yourself place cards. All you need are a few ribbons, a box of candy canes, card stock and a nice pen! See more ideas like this here.

A vase lined with candy canes can give you just the right amount of Holiday decor without taking up too much table space. Click here or on the pic below to watch the tutorial:

Using candy as decoration is a requirement during the Holidays, isn’t it? While candy decor doesn’t have the formal dining room feel that I usually go for, the kids and grandkids LOVE it!

Instantly add depth to your dining room table with the layered look of a formal place setting.

Every year I hit up the after-Christmas sales and scoop up some great deals on holiday décor. Because of this (totally healthy) habit, Christmas in the Ladegaard House always has a different look than the years before. This also means that I have managed to attain a mass amount of Christmas decorations. While I love to get creative with different themes and color schemes each year, that reason alone is not enough to justify the collection of glass bulb ornaments I have acquired. But, if I were to incorporate all of said “extra” ornaments into my decor, I should be able to carry on with my Boxing Day shopping tradition guilt-free. Right?

While stringing ornaments into a Christmas-themed table runner may run a few minutes over the five minute mark, but the design options are endless!

Will you be creating some of your own Holiday magic with any of the ideas we’ve shared? We would LOVE to see your holiday decor-Share a pic on our Facebook!

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