Spring is just around the corner in the midwest and looking out my window at Design Connection, Inc. I can see the beginnings of spring flowers preparing to burst forth into the sunshine after a cold and snowy winter! I have flowers on my mind and thought I would treat you to some visual candy with some really gorgeous rooms that incorporate flowers into the overall aesthetic to bring a bit of the outdoors in!

We all know my favorite color is yellow so it’s only fitting that my favorite bloom is the Daffodil. So pretty and fresh. A beautiful bouquet is an instant pick-me-up for your room and your spirits!

A simple floral touch on the walls and throw pillows from Architectural Digest

Whether it’s on the walls or in simple accessories like a throw pillow or simple arrangement, flowers brighten any room.

Lucia- from Wildcat Bedding.  Fresh florals for the bedroom!

Sweet and pretty dreams await when you incorporate floral patterns into your bedding.

Floral Wallpaper that actually glows from Camilla Diedrich

Dramatic more your style? Fiber optic wallpaper is here and what do you know, the pattern is floral!
From traditional to modern, there are florals out there to suit anyone.

A chair with flowery flair featured on lovehome.uk

Have a seat! Gone are the days of your grandmother’s busy (and sometimes ugly) floral patterns on the furniture!

Fun and fresh- modern flowers from the Designers Guild Barcelona fabric collection

A colorful and modern twist on the floral pattern from the floors to the windows!

Whimsy with a twist- cherry blossom branches from Graham & Green

Fun and whimsical, cherry blossom branches that will light up a room with a dash of floral color! So whether it’s the lights, the floors, the walls or the doors- you can and should bring a bit of the outdoors in with some wonderful florals. What inspires you? I hope you’ll share with me your thoughts on florals in interior design on my Facebook or Twitter or even here on my blog!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: Old House Gardens, Architectural Digest, Wildcat Territory, Designers Guild, Lovehome.co.uk, Camilla Diederich and Graham & Green