Kitchen appliances are amazing these days. As a designer I love all the new options that are being introduced. Technology keeps improving the quality and efficiency of these appliances. Here are some great options available to homeowners as they remodel or update their kitchens.

Refrigeration columns are my favorite because you can customize your refrigerator for your family style. No longer does the freezer need to be attached to the refrigerator, which gives me more design flexibility. Clients want larger refrigerators with the ability to rearrange the inside to their exact needs. But I will tell you, it becomes challenging to integrate a 42” or a 48” in a pleasing way, mainly because of the sheer size. With a refrigerator column I can get creative in how I layout out the kitchen.

One of the new kitchen design trends is beverage refrigerators built into the kitchen. These are especially handy for kids who can come in a grab a juice box at their own height. There is no way around it: everybody gathers in the kitchen. An integrated beverage center makes casual entertaining a breeze.

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Refrigerator Drawers are a great way to squeeze a little bit more refrigeration into your kitchen. They are easy to work into any design. One idea is to store all your vegetables in a refrigerator drawer next to your chopping area. This makes cooking prep a breeze.

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As I update kitchens, counter depth refrigerators are always my preference. They allow for better visual flow because the refrigerator doesn’t stick out. Just because you give up a few inches in depth, does not mean that your refrigerator will be cramped. The interiors are extremely flexible and accommodating for all your storage needs.

The kitchen is the hub of the home and with integrated refrigerator computers you can instantly access your family calendar as well as the grocery list.

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Refrigerator efficiency is probably the biggest value when you upgrade your refrigerator. Many people have combination refrigerator and freezer, which means that the same air circulates through the freezer and refrigerator. New models have separate fans which means your fruits and vegetables will stay fresher longer.

Kitchens are known for being the hardest working rooms in the home. Design Connection, Inc. can help your kitchen also become one of the most beautiful rooms in the home. We can take a client’s project from concept, space planning and selections to complete kitchen design and remodel. Your end result will be both beautiful and functional.

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