It’s amazing how fast the holiday season has flown by this year. As I braved the crowds and worked on my holiday shopping, I was thrilled to notice the variety of color and designs that were available this year in accessories. It seems that the mainstream is breaking away from the traditional and adding in a bit of welcome and exuberant colors and textures in everything from stockings to ornaments. Perhaps that’s why I have been embracing the color purple for the holidays! Either way, it was quite the treat to see and as always it got me to thinking about having friends and family over to share memories in my home over the holidays and how I will try to make the setting extra special. In the spirit of the season, I want to share some fun and funky ideas for perking up your spaces as we make it through that last bit of the holidays and make our way toward the new year!

Traditional Splendor

Nothing makes the holiday crowd say ooh and aah like a luxurious tablescape. Here you see all the gorgeous traditional standards- crystal drinkware, grandmother’s china combined with gorgeous red tapers and the lush pine & berry centerpieces will make holiday dining an experience to remember!

By Candlelight

Nothing says holiday dinner like the soft glow of candlelight amidst some pretty greenery. Invest in a gorgeous candle rail that you can use for years to come and begin a new holiday tradition at your table!

All Good Things

Can you tell I have a thing for beautiful tablescapes? I just adore the variety of textures and colors in this combination centerpiece with flowers, greens and fruit. Delish!

Good Enough to Eat!

If you have a particularly large table, an equally large centerpiece can be delightful. I love the combination of pine boughs, berries and beautiful fruit to create a sumptuous and bountiful centerpiece.

Colorful Suspense

Last week I talked about hanging some cool ornaments from the chandelier to dress up your table – I just adore the height on these where they are suspended and floating low and center over the table.

Petals Aglow

I love to find things that add visual interest especially when I am dressing the house for the holidays. These unique illuminated flower lights would be so cool as a grouping inside of large glass cylinders at the center of the table to cast a soft and pretty glow.

Festive and Fun!

I love looking at what event planners and florists do for big holiday parties to see what interesting things they come up with. This fabulous centerpiece caught my eye and would be fun and easy to do at home. It’s amazing what a bit of ribbon, some Christmas ornaments and creativity can do!

Easy and Elegant

Taking things you already have and making them extraordinary is a lot of fun. Here they took some magnolia leaves, a bit of gold paint and christmas tree balls and set them on a long platter to create a simple and elegant centerpiece. Consider cutting a sprig of pine and placing in tall flutes with a few red berries in the bottom and lining those up on the table or perhaps filling martini glasses with colorful large Christmas lightbulbs or mini ball ornaments!

Setting the mood and creating an atmosphere for the holidays helps to make for very special memories. Whether it’s carols by the fire or the smells of a fabulous traditional Christmas dinner, the little things you do to make an event extra special are often noted and remembered fondly for years to come. It’s a time for sharing and for you I have a special (and I think, to die for) sweet potato recipe I always break out for the holidays. You can find it by clicking here. If you try it, you’ll have to let me know what you think – tell me on my Facebook page. I hope that you and yours are having a wonderful holiday this year and I look forward to sharing more ideas and working with many of you in the upcoming year. For now, enjoy and have fun getting ready for those guests!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: Stone Gable, Neiman Marcus, Southern Living, Floral Home Decor,, ModCloth, Being Social, and Better Homes & Gardens.