Stylish soaks that are sure to inspire your bathroom decor.

Last week’s blog about the high number of clients requesting to replace their traditional bathtubs with showers brought on plenty of discussion and input from people who love a good old-fashioned soak in the tub. So we decided to dedicate this week’s blog to continuing our thoughts on ideas for bathroom remodels and to focus on bathtubs.

For some, there’s nothing better than a steaming hot bath, a good book and a glass of wine at the end of the day to ease away their stress from a hectic workday. The bathtub has a history of being rather mundane but fear not, you can still have your bubbles and bliss with some of the very inspiring and, dare we say, good looking bathtub models being offered today!

Options Options Options

Often bathtubs are an afterthought and most people don’t realize that you have more options than choosing a plain white recessed, corner or freestanding tub. Modern technology has made it possible for you to not only have choices but very innovative options depending on your personal preferences and needs. There is a wide array of colors and materials to choose from. One of the latest trends we’ve seen at Design Connection, Inc. is the desire for a deep soaking tub. The kind where you can sink in up to your chin and just unwind either in a reclined or upright position.

Taking a page from traditional Japanese soaking tubs, there are now several options with a modern twist incorporating beautiful elements such as copper or stainless steel with comforts such as whirlpool jets or stunning ceiling mounted water fixtures. If you are considering incorporating more of an eastern flair, you should definitely consider an upright soaking tub especially if space is an issue. They take up less horizontal space than a traditional bathtub but still give you the beauty and comfort of a good deep soak.

Stainless Steel Japanese Soaking Bathtub
Sleek stainless steel soaker from Diamond Spas

Of course if you prefer to recline there are plenty of options there and exciting new offerings from some of the well known manufacturers we often use in our designs.

If you love the look of a freestanding tub but want something other than the traditional claw foot, ivory bath we have definitely got some eye popping tubs for you that are so stunning you’ll definitely want to make one the centerpiece of your bathroom retreat.

Jetta WaterDance Baths
The handcrafted bases and color choices make these freestanding baths by Jetta absolutely stunning

Jetta is a company that is probably most recognized for their innovations in whirlpool and jetted tubs. With their WaterDance Bath series you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that they have ventured into the realm of artistic and freestanding soaking tubs with plenty of style. Imagine soaking your stress away in what can only be considered a piece of art. We think you’ll agree that these tubs are just simply stunning with the handcrafted metal bases and designs to suit contemporary to traditional tastes. Freestanding tubs will never be the same!

While soaking is great for many, there are still those of you who love the idea of jets and bubbles to give you that personal spa experience. If that’s your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out the sok Overflowing bath from Kohler. They have a great video that shows how the tub works and it’s definitely worth watching.

The sok bath has a combination of unique options that are becoming popular with bath aficionados. Chromatherapy and Air Bath technology. The Chromatherapy features are based on the idea that light and color can affect bio-rhythms and life balance. Including this with the soothing bath waters, you can get a true spa experience at home with a Chromatherapy tub and even if the color doesn’t affect your mood, the ambiance and the waters will definitely leave you feeling relaxed. They have a great blog about Chromatherapy and how it can affect your mood at the Kohler site that we’d recommend you read if you want more information about the concept.

Kohler Sok Bathtub with chromatherapy
Immerse yourself in water, Chromatherapy and Champagne-like Bubbles in a Sok bath from Kohler

Last but not least, we want to talk about bubbles and Air Baths. The idea is to move away from blasting jets and toward a more tranquil experience with thousands of tiny champagne-like bubbles caressing you as you bathe. There are several companies who offer Air Baths including well known brands Jetta, Kohler and Jacuzzi and options definitely abound. With the various features on some where you can control zones and even have your bathtub clean itself it is almost too good to be true.В  We have heard some funny stories from clients whom we have installed Air Baths for who have said sometimes when they self clean it sounds like the bathtub is burping! While it makes us chuckle, what makes us smile is the thoughtВ  of the bathtub cleaning itself. Now if it would only do dishes and run the vacuum that would be perfect but we’ll take what we can get.

Bellavista Pure Air Bath from Jacuzzi
Jacuzzi’s Pure Air® Bellavista Bath

There are countless options out there if you are considering a bathroom remodel, but we think there is a perfect fit for everyone whether you are a fan of showers or baths. We love both and would invite you to contact us if you want to get even more inspiration and help with planning your home bath retreat to suit you. One thing is for sure, with a bathroom remodel or new bathroom design from Design Connection, Inc. you’ll probably be so relaxed you’ll never want to leave your bathroom!