I’d like to introduce you to an old friend of mine. Reader, meet Neutral. Neutral, meet Reader. Yes, you read that right, I consider Neutrals to be my friend. Now, before you go picturing a boring room done up completely in beige, I beg you to reconsider. Neutrals (like Wallpaper) seem to get a bum rap and with the variety of colors, materials and textures out there it’s easy to overlook what is typically considered a safe and oftentimes boring choice. I beg to differ because Neutrals are always in style precisely because they are neutral! They go with ANYTHING. So when I have a client who is hesitant to choose or commit on color, I introduce them to Neutrals.

Textures like wool and silk look wonderful in neutrals and compliment a variety of woods and metals. You can have a classic and sophisticated array of neutral furniture that you can dress up with colorful walls, rugs and

accessories like pillows art, and plants. A bright orange couch might go out of style fast, but a neutral one? Never! Just paint a wall, change the rug, get some colorful new accessories and you’ll have a new look. Now that you’ve gotten to know neutral a little better, I’ll bet you’ll be fast friends too!