With the recent nice weather I found myself suffering from a bit of Spring Fever. Thoughts of flowers coming out of their winter hibernation, yards turning green and leaves emerging on trees just makes me happy. Of course, with spring comes a vibrant array of trends and ideas for your home as you transition from the cozy colors of winter into fresh tones of spring. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the trends happening now in Kansas City interior design!

Pretty Pastels are Making Their Mark on Interior Design Trends this Spring

With Easter around the corner, it makes sense that soft pastel shades are trending but they aren’t just for Easter eggs or baskets anymore. Pastels are becoming popular on walls, especially for people who want to ease into playing with color in their homes. Surprisingly neutral in many cases, colors like pale yellows, dreamy blues and soft greens pair surprisingly well with almost any kind and color of furniture and accessories.

Cheerful and bright – lemons aren’t just for lemonade! In fact, Benjamin Moore took inspiration from the citrusy fruit with their color of the year: Lemon Sorbet. If you’re tired of earthy light tan and cream colored walls, this might be the perfect shade for you! It’s subtle enough and instantly brings a little sunshine into any room. Of course, when thinking spring I’m also thinking about the environment which is another reason why I love Benjamin Moore paints. Setting the standard in the painting industry and masterminding design trends for nearly 130 years, Benjamin Moore offers some of the greenest, most eco-friendly paints on the market.

Neutral, light backgrounds can easily be paired with pops of complimentary pastel accessories. One of the great things about having a generally neutral palette in a room is how easy it is to change the look of a room with a few accessories. It’s amazing how much character a few cute throw pillows, a patterned throw blanket and some fun accessories can add to a room.

Flower accents are the perfect spring accessory for breathing life into a plain space. Source: Gumps

The great thing about decorating with pastels is they blend together harmoniously. The entire color palate can be featured with an array of different patterns, textures and accessories, all while remaining sophisticated, contemporary and relaxing. If the thought of pastels on your walls is daunting, you might consider adding a colored slipcover, some wall art or a cute lamp to add visual interest in a variety of pastel colors like in the photo below.

Pretty in Pastel by Ana Antune

You can also bring a little color into your everyday living with pretty pastel dishes and tabletop settings. When you are looking at incorporating pastels-keep in mind that they don’t always have to be a solid color. Geometric designs and fun patterns can help give texture to a space and lend a chic but subtle style vibe when done in pastels.

Subtle colors in geometric patterned tableware is perfect for a little splash of everyday color!

Still not sure you love the idea of pastels? That’s ok, the beauty of interior design work is that there is always the right fit for everyone’s tastes! When I think of spring, I think of green. Spring hasn’t exactly sprung here in Kansas City, yet everywhere I turn I see green. Emerald green, to be exact. Named Pantone’s official 2013 Color of the Year, Emerald has taken the fashion world by storm and has unlocked the door of possibilities in home design trends. Because Emerald is such a bold, commanding color, I recommend easing this color into your home’s decor. A little goes a long way.

An Emerald accent wall can provide the perfect “wow” factor that is eye catching and refreshing without being overbearing. Printed accent walls are also gaining popularity. If you don’t feel comfortable working with wallpaper, consider creating a “printed” accent wall using stencils or decals.

Stencil wall decals like this one from Etsy is perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers.

So what colors will go with Emerald Green other than the standard black and white? Taking a cue from the yellow brick road, when you are looking for colors to pair with Emerald Green you might want to consider golden tones. Emerald is strong yet smooth, earthy yet luxurious; when paired with yellows, golds and brass. In a word – Emerald is simply elegant.

The perfect touches of Emerald and Brass by Redbook.

You can still enjoy the pizazz of Emerald in your home without going through a major redesign. Functional and stylish tabletop accessories like this Emerald crystal vase is an ideal way to ease this commanding color into your home’s decor.

Crystal Classics’ offers Emerald vases in many shapes and styles.

What do you think about the spring color trends in interior design? We hope you’ll let us know by leaving a comment or chatting with us on Twitter or Facebook. If you need help deciding whether you’ll take a trip to the “Emerald City” this spring or picture your home in pastels, you know you can count on me and the team at Design Connection, Inc. to make sure that there’s no place like YOUR home. Design Connection, Inc. is an award-winning Kansas City interior design firm. We offer complimentary in-studio interior design consultations and can help you with your interior design, remodeling, revamping and restyling projects big and small throughout the Kansas City metro. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 913-210-0511 or fill out our contact form and let’s get started on your interior design project today!