Listening. It seems like such a simple thing to do, especially in a service oriented industry like mine. However, you’d be amazed at how many times I meet with a new client and they tell me that they need a room redone because the last interior designer didn’t give them what they wanted. Why? It’s simple. The designer didn’t listen. That’s where the first of our Three Essential C’s of Interior Design comes in. In our C3Design strategy, the first and crucial step is CONNECTING with our clients. Every client is unique and one of the main benefits of having a interior designer is that you should end up with a completely custom space that reflects YOUR individuality and YOUR tastes. Not the other way around.

How Do We Do It?

It starts with meeting with the client, discussing their likes and dislikes along with their wants and needs. Then we head to the client’s home to take photographs and begin measurements which is where the fun really begins!

Before Pictures Kitchen Remodel Kansas City
Kitchen – Before pictures

Kitchen Remodel Space Plan Kansas City

Once the measurements are taken we start working on the bones of the structure by taking everything to the computer and creating a space plan so that we can see exactly what we are working with from load bearing walls to electrical and duct locations, knowing where everything is before we start saves precious time and money for everyone involved.

What’s The Plan?

Once we have the basic foundation in place for a project, the collaboration can begin! We spend many hours visiting with our clients to pinpoint their personal style and get an idea for how they envision the space to function in their daily lives. From there we create unique designs that are special to their lifestyle AND tastes. We then create custom space plans to outline exactly what we envision for the space based on our meetings with the client. Everything from removing walls to adding lighting, cabinets, flooring and furniture is outlined before a single stick of furniture is moved. This enables the client to see how their room will look when it’s done in addition to seeing how furniture and accessories flow and fit into their daily lifestyle. There’s nothing worse than finding furniture you love and realizing it doesn’t fit the space once it’s in. By creating a clear plan and picture for our clients, we eliminate potentially costly mistakes which makes for smooth sailing once we begin work.

Kitchen Remodel Space Plan Kansas City

Kitchen Remodel Space Plan Kansas CityKitchen Remodel Space Plan Kansas City

Approaching interior design from a whole-home perspective as opposed to dealing with individual rooms is one of the trade secrets I’m known for. For instance, with a kitchen remodel like this one I tell my clients-“It’s not just the kitchen you are working on. There are other connecting rooms and they all have to work together!” At Design Connection, Inc. we make sure that the rooms we design flow seamlessly from one space to the next and consider not just form, but function as the top two design priorities.

Once we have the space plan for the design complete, it’s time to move onto the second Essential C in our C3Design process, CREATING. Check back with us next week to learn more about that phase of a project and see how this kitchen makeover progresses through all of our steps from start to finish!