No I’m not talking about the exercise you get from moving the paint roller back and forth or climbing up and down a ladder as you reach near the ceiling! I’m talking about that hot topic these days of non-toxic paint. Commonly known as zero or low VOC paint, the VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds- which is basically the stuff that compels you to open a window after breathing a few too many fumes.

The chemicals in traditional paint have been linked to health conditions such as cancer and asthma by way of emitting toxic chemicals even years after a wall has been painted. With interest in air quality and subjecting our bodies to as few chemicals as possible, environmentally friendly and non-toxic paints have gone mainstream and with good reason. Afterall what could possibly be more important than your health? Personally, I’m a big fan of Benjamin Moore paints and so it’s no surprise to me that they have taken up the green banner and designated a section of their website specifically to explain about environmentally friendly paints, the standards and what it means for you, the consumer.

If you are considering painting, now is the time to learn more about low VOC paints and the impact using them can have not only on your style, but your health.

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