Ahhhh kitchens, the room in the home where we seem to spend more time than we realize. With open floorplans and multi-use spaces becoming common in homes, it’s easier than ever to hang out and socialize in the kitchen, have the kids do homework, or just hang out while cooking. It’s casual and comfy and no one seems to be able to resist the lure of food and drink right? The only problem is that if you have a small kitchen, it might have you wondering what you can do to maximize that space so that everyone can enjoy. I have been working with some clients this summer who have summer lake cottages and condos with limited kitchen space. The question always comes up, how can I make my kitchen seem bigger?

Open and Airy

Creating the illusion of more space are the increasingly popular open front cabinets that boast clean lines and help you clean up your act. With your dishware on display you’ll become more aware of what you do / don’t need and what you need to get rid of which means more space for you!

Time to Organize!

Keep your knives and other kitchen gadgets organized and easy to access with expandable drawer organizers that keep them off the countertops!

Utilize the Walls!

There are all kinds of ways to get your utensils, pots and other sundry items off the countertops and one space where they can be organized AND look great is on your walls. There are some terrific magnetic knife bars out there or if the exposed blades make you nervous, you can go for the look of a knife block but with magnetic properties like the one above!

Areas that Multitask

I love it when design meets function and this fabulous prep sink is a perfect example of a way you can utilize a standard item, in this case a sink, and make it better by rethinking the design and setting up the space to serve as a food prep AND cleanup station. Brilliant ideas like this incorporated into your home decor mean you need even less counter space!

Corner Creativity

I just love this corner drawer system from Blum. How practical for a space that is usually less than efficiently designed. If you are looking at incorporating some new ideas into your lower cabinets, this is a great way to use those often wasted corners of the kitchen!

Ready to Retrofit?

So you don’t have time for new cabinets that take advantage of those corner cabinets you never use as much as you should? Never fear, you can retrofit with slide out units that will help organize just about any cabinet space in your kitchen. There are a variety of options out there for under the sink, slide outs, lazy susans, pull down or in this case, a pull out unit that let’s you say “Hello Storage” to those formerly unusable areas!

Think Clean

Bright light colored backsplashes, clean countertops and minimal clutter help to make a space feel much bigger. This small galley kitchen may be small in size but it’s definitely big on style and notice the lack of cabinet hardware and things on the counters which adds to the impression that this kitchen is bigger than it actually is!

Even if you aren’t ready for a complete kitchen remodel, you can take some of these ideas to tidy up your space and make it feel bigger simply by starting with organizing! Once you’ve tackled that, you can take a look at larger changes like paint, cabinets, countertops that will help to make your smaller kitchen seem bigger than life. If you’re ready to start planning your kitchen you have got to come in and talk to me. We do space planning so that you will be able to see exactly how your kitchen could be made more efficient but also how it will fit into your existing home’s design and layout. Whether it’s retrofitting or starting from scratch, Design Connection, Inc. is here to help! Call or contact us today and take advantage of our FREE in studio design consultation and take a step closer to the kitchen of your dreams!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: Siematic, Crate and Barrel, Organize.com and Cutlery