What is YOUR favorite Color?

You’ve heard the question a hundred times and probably asked it just as many since you learned to talk. It got me to thinking, after our recent blog posts on painting, why not ask? Find out what colors are on your mind. So we did just that. On Twitter and Facebook, we posed the question to see what colors people seem to gravitate toward and while the count has my personal favorite, YELLOW in second place, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Green is running high on everyone’s list. Seems fitting with the green movement being so popular these days. Other colors people mentioned included Purple and Red.

With such vibrant and diverse color preferences on my mind, I couldn’t help but get inspired to go out and find some pictures of some pretty fabulous rooms painted in those colors so that maybe you can be inspired too! Of course all of this ties in to our interactive contest on Facebook to reach out and really get a feel for what inspires you in the world of design, whether it is color, layout, texture or anything in between. We appreciate the input from everyone and can’t wait to see what other things are on your list of favorites!

In the meantime, check out some truly great photos from a traditional retreat to a rock star’s city pad, we think you will find some rooms and colors to get excited about! If you really want to to immerse yourself in some gloriously creative and inspired rooms (these are really over the top!), you have to take a minute to check out the website for the Hotel Fox in Copenhagen. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Click on ROOMS when you get to the website and prepare to be amazed.

Oh and we want to say a special hello and thank you to Karen S, Karen A, Tierra, Marla, Darryl, Cheryl, Kevin, Kathy, Rachel, Patty, Brian, Kami, Patti, and Keith for taking the time to say hi to us on the Design Connection Facebook and Twitter pages! Do you have a favorite painted room in your home? We invite you to post pictures on our Facebook page and share. C’mon over, we’ll see you there!