What is the key to achieving a beautiful interior in your home? If you have enlisted the help of an experienced and qualified interior designer it can be as easy as 1-2-3. Our signature service is comprised of three essential steps- we call it C3 Design and you’ll only find it at Design Connection, Inc. We have been talking about our exclusive interior design process in the past few blog posts starting with CONNECTING and this week we continue with the second C in our design process, CREATING.

The Interior Design Process

Once we have connected with the client and established an action plan, the hands-on work begins. Furniture is moved, and spaces are cleared and prepped. Our contractors will begin working on transforming your space. At Design Connection, Inc. we have worked hard to establish solid relationships with the best contractors and vendors in the business as part of our commitment to our clients. We always do our best to keep disruption to the client’s daily life to a minimum as the project progresses and our contractors echo that sentiment. The Design Connection, Inc. team is diligent about staying in touch with both clients and contractors during this critical time to ensure that everything is proceeding as planned and that expectations are met. This highly personalized level of service and communication is what sets us apart and has resulted in many of our clients coming back for more as their tastes evolve and design needs change over the years. Just take a look at our testimonials and you’ll see why.

Kitchen Remodel Space Plan Kansas City

Creating A Stunning Interior


The creating stage involves all of the necessary construction or refinishing of the space to achieve your final design. Everything from installation of electrical, lighting and appliances to stripping and refinishing floors and walls is accomplished in this phase to prepare for the final phase of customizing where the space becomes complete. We work with our contractors and use space plans, and architectural drawings to effectively communicate the desired result then we turn them loose to work their magic.

I love the CREATING stage because it’s where a space says goodbye to it’s old self and becomes something completely new. Watching the craftsmen work and transform old surfaces into something inspired is exciting and I love it when my clients comment on how much better their space looks even before the work is complete! From tearing down old wallpaper to faux finishing kitchen cabinets, with a little creativity and a lot of hard work from seasoned professionals it is amazing what you can accomplish. Check in soon for our next installation in the series where we will get into the really fun stuff, the CUSTOMIZING of a space and you can see how our kitchen and dining area project was transformed from blah to breathtaking!