The pics from my latest interior design project are up! This kitchen, along with the entire first floor, has undergone a HUGE transformation. How did we do it? We started out by solving an all too common design dilemma…  

How much will it cost to transform my home? Will this renovation increase my home’s value enough to make it worth it? Should we remodel? Or, should we just sell our home and find one that we love?

This is a common conversation I have with new clients.  After comparing numbers and weighing the pros and cons, these homeowners decided to stay in the neighborhood they love and give their current home a modern makeover. After living in their home for 12 years, my clients had grown tired of the Tuscan-style décor, deep colors, and heavy carpeting; they longed for clean lines, darker woods, crisp whites, and soothing greys. Having each room flow from one space into the next was also a design element they desired for their “new” home.

Because the original kitchen cabinets were in great shape, we were able to save my clients an incredible amount of money by re-vamping their current cabinets. Keeping the original cabinets also made my client’s life a little easier, as they were living in their home throughout the renovation. Here we are in the process of painting the cabinets:

The next design element we addressed was the kitchen island.  Although the original island was massive, its design lacked function. The rough angles and multiple edges made seating options slim and storage space limited. It had to go!

The new island contains custom storage on BOTH sides of the island; after 12 years of having an island with wasted space, my clients were thrilled with this new feature!

By eliminating the L-shaped island, we not only changed the flow of the kitchen, we changed the way the kitchen worked.

As you can see from the Before photo below, my clients spent a lot of time moving around the island, and walking to-and-from the island, while cooking on the range. Designing a kitchen that “flows” isn’t just about looks, it is about function! My clients used to navigate through their kitchen; now they are able to flow with their kitchen.

The stunning new Cambria Quartz countertops take this kitchen to a whole new level. We replaced the Tuscan-style blacksplash with Country Gris Claro tile, which gives this kitchen’s focal point a shimmery feature while maintaining the overall clean and crisp look of this new space.

The new bar stools were selected with my clients’ everyday use in mind; stylish, comfortable, and durable. Not only are the new bar stools sized perfectly for this space, the new island now accommodates seating for the entire family!

What do you think of this “new” kitchen? Can you envision your home with an updated space like this? From helping you determine if you should stay and renovate or move and buy new, to finding the perfect accessories and finishing touches, we are prepared to oversee every detail. Let us help you make the changes you long to see in your home–Contact us today for a complimentary in-studio design consultation!