I have been reading about the consumer trends in 2008 and find that our clients tastes and their individual lifestyle are most important when deciding to decorate or remodel their homes. There is less formality and wanting a more casual focus in decorating. They want to put their own stamp in their home design.

I always ask my clients to research their design style by looking at magazines and other publications so I can help them figure out what design direction they want to go. I would say that most of my clients want their home to look different than their neighbors. Many years ago there was an emphasis to have your home look as good as your neighbor, and I was taken to the neighbors or fiends house to copy the style or to come up with a design similar to what they had. My clients now want their home to reflect not just one style but a few different styles so the home has character and reflects their own tastes.

I think it was easier to decorate or remodel in Kansas City, Kansas or Missouri area a number of years ago. This area was considered traditional and the stores carried a more traditional style to reflect the area. In the marketplace today, the younger generations do not want the traditional contemporary of 10 years ago. They want a more mixed eclectic look with a metro contemporary flair.

I have such a great time with my clients reflecting on how their tastes have changed and where they want to make the changes to reflect how they live today. I do remember in younger years how all the rooms had matching furniture and looked like they belonged in a display room at a furniture store. It is so great that our furniture tastes have changed as well as our styles.

It is a beautiful day outside and the pool is calling to me. It is Sunday and I will take the rest of the today and enjoy the beautiful calm weather and great family dinner before the hectic week ahead.