This weekend families will be gathering around tables to celebrate Easter or Passover. This is the perfect opportunity to add a bit of style to your table and home. Simple can be fun. A simple tin can with a ribbon and some wild flowers sets an easy and relaxed tone to the holiday. If you want something a bit more formal consider a large vase overflowing with beautiful flowers. This helps set a celebratory tone to your tablescape. For more ideas Click Here to read: “Elegant Passover Table Settings”

Placing holiday inspired decorations around the house reminds everyone that taking a bit of time off to gather with family and friends is an important part of life. Take the time to create a bit of magic for your little ones, or enjoy the traditions that are being passed on by the older generation.

Formal or family oriented – you choose. Here is an example of a Design Connection, Inc. home. We updated both the family room and formal dining room. Both rooms are elegant but create a very different atmosphere. One aspect of good design is to have a consistent design statement throughout the house. Click Here to see the whole project.

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