I love wallpaper. There are so many amazing possibilities with wallpaper. It can make the room feel glamorous, cozy, fun, flirty, or edgy. With each look, the room feels purposeful and well thought out – like it was carefully designed and intended for you to see it.

A powder room is always a great place to start when you want to experiment with wallpaper because of the size of the room. It is important to match your accessories to your wallpaper choice.

This Design Connection, Inc. project is a perfect example of how the combination of wallpaper and accessories combination can make a small room classy, elegant and timeless.

This is an example of a similarly neutral pallet but in a more contemporary style that is equally as elegant and glamorous.
This powder room by W.B. Builders in Minneapolis shows a modern, flirty, and beautiful use of color with wallpaper.
Design Connection is a licensed dealer of Seabrook Wall coverings, a company that has been in business since 1910.
Here are a couple of their showroom photos:
Visit their website at www.seabrookwallpaper.com for more information.
On their website they have great craft ideas for how to use wallpaper:
  • Line a china cabinet or bookcase
  • Cover switch plates or electrical outlet covers
  • Cover waste cans, pencil holders, any type of box
  • Use to cover picture frames, or create a mat for pictures
  • Cover a tabletop and protect with glass that is cut to fit
  • Cover books or journals
  • Use as gift wrap
  • Cut out design and decoupage anything…including furniture!
  • Make creative note/greeting cards
  • Name tags for packages
  • Laminate for decorative placements
  • Scrapbook supplies
  • Add countless other arts and crafts projects…

Here is an example of wallpaper in the back of a built in cabinet

Wallpaper used with fabric as wall art
Lastly, here are examples of fabulous accessories that would compliment wallpaper
Z Gallery Mirror
Z Gallery Mirror and Chair
Z Gallery Modern Wall Sculpture
Visit Z Gallery for more information on these accessories.
Do you have a favorite wallpaper look or a favorite accessory that needs a new wallpaper. Call us to help you Dress up your walls in style. 913-210-0511 or email Arlene@designconnectioninc.com