Earth Day. What’s not to love about this big, beautiful planet?

What could be better than a day celebrating this marvelous planet we all call home. While Earth Day 2010 has recently come and gone, the fact remains that green, earth, or eco-friendly design is definitely getting a lot more attention these days. And why not? With the fabulous offerings that are available anymore, scarcity and price are becoming less of an obstacle for homeowners and designers alike. With such a blog worthy topic, we decided to share a little fun from Design Connection, Inc.’s earthy inspiration files. Enjoy and remember to show the earth a little love both inside and outside of your home!

Delightful Details

Sometimes it’s all about the bling. Sparkling recycled glass in eye catching colors make these drawer / cabinet pulls something you can feel good about using in your home everyday.

Purdy as a Posey

This fantastic floral chair comes with a serious eco-pedigree! Click on the pic if you want to see specifics but let’s just say these flowers will always be in bloom and in style!

Don’t Flip Flop on Recycled Goods!

Those flip flop sandals you wore all summer then sadly had to kiss goodbye after a blowout have beenВ  given a second chance at life! This time as a fantastic, colorful doormat made of recycled shoe bits.

I Love This Seat

Design that’s almost good enough to eat! With soy based foam cushion options and your choice of either organic canvas or eco-leather, these custom handcrafted pieces of furniture are as in love with the earth as we are.

Shiny as Glass

Can’t do an article on earth friendly design without having a look at some lovely recycled glass installations. Old bottles and glass emerge as a durable and delightful countertop!

Do You Truss Me?

Bamboo-la-la…say hello to a multipurpose bench/coffee table made with (you guessed it) environmentally friendly materials and processes. Beautiful and functional!

Sleep Tight. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

100% Bamboo sheets not only regulate heat, they repel bugs too! Double duty luxury and style for your bedroom.

We can all do our part to contribute to the health of our planet by making wise choices when it comes to our homes, their construction and the things we put into them to make them lovely. By consciously seeking items that are sustainable, we will make green mainstream. If you are wanting environmentally friendly furniture, fabrics and accents… well you know where to find me and the Design Connection, Inc. team. Together we can hug this planet and still make everything look simply out of this world!