The Indian Summers in Kansas City are a-mazing! The cool nights and warm days allow us to linger on the edge of autumn a little longer than our northern neighbors. We wear shorts and sandals well into October, living in denial that it is officially autumn. Until this morning, that is. If being greeted by frost on my car wasn’t a smack in the face, the frigid breeze definitely was!

It IS officially autumn and I am officially cold! If you have been dragging your feet as we head into colder weather, now is the perfect time to start winterizing your home. The interior design experts at Design Connection, Inc. have a few ideas to help you transform your home into a cozy winter retreat before the first snow fall. The temperature is dropping, so keep reading!

When you’re snowed in, where do you spend your time? If you said in the living room curled up on the couch with a warm fuzzy throw blanket, you are not alone. Faux fur throws are a fantastic couch accessory. They are super soft, super warm and they are large enough to share.

Now that we’re on the couch, let’s swap out those turquoise throw pillows! It’s amazing how a few simple throw pillows can really transform a room. It’s also amazing how pricey they can be. Purchasing new pillows with the change of every season can work wonders for your space but they can also do a number on your wallet. And where would one store all of those unused pillows? Maybe if I had a mansion I would have a “poof room” dedicated to all of my seasonal pillows. But I don’t have a mansion with a “poof room” and I don’t have a back stock of seasonal pillows. I do, however, have a secret weapon. Say hello to my little friend, the throw pillow cover.

Photo Source: Pottery Barn

Using pillow covers makes it possible and economical for you to embrace your favorite home decor designs without dating your space by committing to a trend. Chevron, honeycomb and geometric patterned prints are all the latest rage. It’s the rage right NOW, but for how long? Don’t purchase a chevron sofa; opt for interchangeable pillow covers instead.

Photo Source: Pottery Barn

Candles are another accessory that can easily be changed with each passing season. And the options are endless. Endless! How candles are incorporated into your home decor is almost as important as the feelings they invoke. Meaning, how they look is second to how they smell, and how they smell affects how you feel. Known for their incredibly long burn time as well as their incredibly spot-on seasonal scents, e circle candles are a favorite here at Design Connection, Inc.  So, now that candles have filled your home with the aromas of autumn, let the elements of the season (and your backyard) inspire your own DIY candle creations.

Take a walk, enjoy the leaves changing and grab a handful of fall foliage to recreate your own harvest candle centerpiece. Photo Source: Shelterness

If your new candles aren’t giving off enough heat, consider the ultimate in fall home decor: An outdoor fire feature.

This stained glass fire table from Frontgate is beautiful and multifunctional alternative to installing a custom fire pit.

If budget or space is an issue, consider a smaller size fire feature like this Empire Indoor/Outdoor fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace.

We found this tabletop fire bowl at Lightopia for $119.00!

If you need help getting your home’s decor in line with the seasons, fall back on the expert advice from the design pros at Design Connection, Inc. We provide complimentary consultations in our Overland Park design studio upon request!

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