There are many ways to freshen up areas throughout your home without having a large budget. One area in particular is the kitchen, typically a high traffic area where everyone spends part of their day. As a general rule I would recommend making a list of the things that must go and other things that can be worked with. This is where a professional opinion will always be useful and will allow you to look at your kitchen from a different point of view. Some focus areas to consider updating are: paint color, cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, and appliances.

A simple coat of paint can change the feeling of a room, and can guide the color palette of the rest of the area. Cabinets can be given a lift by replacing some traditional doors with seeded glass inserts and adding a small amount of accent lighting. The largest impact will be made by new countertops, whether you select granite or solid surface the color selection is endless. If your countertops are in good condition but you need a little color around your cabinetry the backsplash area can accent any kitchen beautifully. Natural stone or porcelain tile will add texture to and depth to the area. In updating your kitchen not all appliances may need to be replaced, choose the appliances that would make the most impact, such a refrigerator and dishwasher, the wall oven may be updated at a later date. A personal touch can be added to your cabinetry by selecting hardware that fits the style of, your new kitchen.