Do you love the idea of organic and green design for your home but don’t know where to start? We’ve been really intrigued by eco-friendly products as of late and have been getting lots of questions about where to find them. So we thought this week we’d talk about one of our favorite materials, Bamboo! From floors to walls, there are products made of Bamboo that will not only enhance your decor, but give you comfort in knowing that you are using products that are good for you and for the planet.

The grass may be greener on this side of the fence! Bamboo is a great choice for outdoor fencing that looks great, is durable and happens to be a marvelously renewable resource.

Bamboo for the Bath! Organic, soft AND eco-friendly make bath and shower time a delight!

There are several styles and colors now available in Bamboo flooring from all the traditional earth tone colors to rainbow colors- there is something to suit anyone’s design tastes!

Looking for the warmth of wood in your kitchen? Perhaps you should consider cabinets and countertops made of beautiful bamboo!

Thinking of Bamboo for your walls? Try these textured panels to add a unique and modern twist to your walls- added bonus… it’s made of bamboo pulp!

There are lots of bamboo accessories for the home as well, from dishes to decoration, textiles to tableware, it’s pretty clear that bamboo is going to be around for a while. So, we want to know, do you bamboo? How do you incorporate this fantastic material in your home and everyday life? We want to hear from you! Join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter or comment here on our blog. We look forward to hearing from you!