Not ready to tackle a whole-house or large room remodel just yet? If that sounds like you, then you are probably considering doing something new with your bathroom. Sometimes it’s better to start small. Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the house, a quick google search yielded some surprising statistics. Apparently we spend an average of 210 min per week in the bathroom. (Yes you read that right!) That adds up to about 10,920 minutes per year, 182 hours or 7.58 days. So considering that we all generally spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom, it is only natural that the idea of remodeling that space is so appealing. In an economy where some people are hesitant to commit to a larger project, a bathroom is the perfect place to start.

Showering You With Ideas!

Gorgeous and contemporary double vanity from ModernBathroomHaving a spa-like experience everyday is something many of us dream about. Beautiful and heated tile floors, a towel warmer, maybe a gorgeous sink and shiny new fixtures to compliment the ultimate bath or steam shower…ideas and options abound. The key is taking the ideas you want and working them into the existing space that you have in a way that is not only eye pleasing but livable. We love comfort and beauty but we also like convenience of surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. When you plan a bathroom remodel you need to consider whether you are wanting to do a partial or full remodel. Partial might involve replacing existing sinks, baths and toilets with newer models but keeping the same layout. A full remodel could include gutting the entire space and restarting from scratch. Depending on your lifestyle and your budget, you can and should work with an experienced interior designer to plan out your space. Not only can they introduce you to the latest products that are on the market, they will ensure that the choices you make compliment each other to give you the spectacular bathroom you deserve.

Ready, Set, Remodel!

This tile screams style with a vanity from KallistaIf you are thinking about remodeling, you are in luck! The Design Connection Team is going to be at the Kansas City Remodeling show February 12-14 at the American Royal. We would love to see you there and talk to you about your ideas and show you some of the great remodeling projects we’ve done in Kansas City, including bathrooms that we love. Look for our booth at the show. We will post details closer to the event on our website but you can always ask questions here, or on the Design Connection, Inc. Facebook or Twitter pages. Looking forward to seeing you at the show!