Is Thanksgiving dinner at your house again this year? Do you need a design update to mix up your space? Or just looking to add a festive touch for the holiday season? Dramatically change the look of your space by replacing the end chairs. This is an easy switch and cost effective way to update a room. By having the two end chairs a different style adds contrast and visual interest to the space.  This modern touch in your dining space can also be achieved with using multiple fabrics on the seats or backs. There are many varieties that can put together to give your space a unique and fresh appearance for this holiday season!

Here is a great example of a print fabric used on the end chairs. On the left the floral print works wonderfully with the natural flower arrangement on the table. And on the right a bold black and white stripe provides a cool contracts. The example on the left shows matching chairs with different fabrics while the right room goes a step further and uses a completely different shape for the end chairs.

A pop of color can go a long way. This room is a balanced combination of colors, shapes and design trends. The two yellow hostess chairs are larger than the other chairs and the bright color draws your eye to them immediately.

Maybe sleek contemporary lines are more your style. In this room, the two end chairs are vintage and the only curved element. The contrast of shape and lighter color provide a lot of interest to the dining room.

Your home should be a reflection of your life. This room is a great collection of finds throughout a lifetime. There is so much energy and life with this combination and I can only imagine how fun a dinner party in this space would be.

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