Furniture with an Edge: Sleek, Chic and Unique (like you!)
Kansas City is a sprawling city with a potpourri of various cultures, styles and the people to go along with it. If you look around the midwest, we are one of the larger cities. While some folks think we have cows running in the streets and just managed to gain access to the wonderful invention of electricity, KC is actually very much on par with the times! That being said, with the hodgepodge of big companies intermixed with the small, you’d think it would be easy to find high-style furniture and accessories for your home that are unique. After all we are centrally located, surely all the design trends have to pass through Kansas City at some point when they are on their way to the opposite coast, right? Not so.

Now don’t go thinking that Kansas Citians dwell in the Dark Ages of Interior Design.
Our central location makes it very easy to ship items and it also makes it easy for me to go to shows and further my quest every year to see what’s new on the market to share with my clients. I get a lot of requests for custom furniture from people who simply don’t want to get exactly what everyone else bought off the shelf at the big chain stores (and believe me, we have some seriously big chain stores around KC for furniture). I adore clean, sophisticated and edgy contemporary designs.  If you read my blog on transforming furniture, you’ll know that I’m not afraid of exploring new ideas and you’d be amazed at how well these things can blend in with some of your existing pieces. I delight in discovery, and I wanted to show you some really unique furniture in this week’s post. So don’t fret my pet, I’m about to rescue you from the thought of never finding the furniture that is as unique as you are! If you happen to be around Kansas City and are on a quest for high quality, unique and custom furniture, we happen to have a lot in common. We simply must meet and perhaps you’ll let me help you end your search by assisting you with choosing the perfect piece. After all, there’s no one else quite like you so why should you settle for ordinary? You can find me and Design Connection on Facebook, Twitter, here on my AskArlene Interior Design blog or you can fill out my Contact Form or call the office (913) 851-8776. See how easy it is to track me down? Now let’s track down your furniture!

Menlo Park Sectional Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Menlo Park Sectional from Jensen-Lewis

Hello Gorgeous!
Would you get a look at those curves? One of the things I love about this sofa is that it’s like a chameleon. With the sectional elements, you can make it a curvy couch, or an S curve among others. With the custom upholstery it’s definitely a centerpiece design element!

Haiku Luxor Contemporary Platform Bed Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Luxor Platform Bed from Haiku

No worries, just sleep.
With eco-friendly construction and an E1 rating, the planet will be as happy as you are when you sleep in this gorgeous and oh so chic bed from Haiku. Why should you stay awake worrying about the planet when your bed already did it for you? Beats me, but I’d be willing to try in this one.

Stretch Contemporary Dining Chair Saloom Furniture Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Stretch Contemporary Dining Chair from Saloom Furniture Design

Pull up a chair and let’s chat about furniture!
Not just any chair, mind you. I think just sitting on one of these beauties will up your style ranking by at least 90%. Now introduce them to an amazing table and let the magic begin!

Valentino Table from Cattelan Italiano Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Valentino Table from Cattelan Italiano

Did someone say “amazing table”?
Clean lines and your choice colors for the marble base make this piece truly unique. Hey and if your name begins with a “V” imagine the possibilities!

Aqua Creations Mino Collection Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interioe Design Blog
Mino Collection from Aqua Creations

Don’t dim the lights!
What’s not to love? Lights that you can use on your ceilings, walls, tables and floors. Don’t believe me? Check out the inspiring and unlike anything you’ve seen lighting offerings from Aqua Creations. Lit panels of silk to accent your room in just about any configuration. If you ask me, these lights are worthy of someone as unique as you are.