Father’s Day is just around the corner! Don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect gift for the fathers in your life. Win the title of Dad’s Favorite this year by finding him a gift that: he will love, he will use, he will love to use, and you will love too!

Wouldn’t Dad love an updated family photo? When is the last time you’ve taken a family portrait? A real family portrait—not a selfie family picture?  With the high quality photos that we can easily take from our smart phones and tablets these days, hiring a photographer or going to a portrait studio is no longer required in order to achieve a great group shot or selfie-less self-portrait. You just need someone to physically take the picture. Or do you?  The iSnapX Wireless Shutter Remote Control lets you to take pictures from up to 10 feet away. It even comes with a stand for your Apple device allowing you to prop your camera for the perfect shot. With an average price tag of $15.00, this gift will have everyone saying “Cheese”!

iSnapX Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Designer

Now that you’ve got great pictures for Dad, you need great picture frames. Adorn his work office with your family’s friendly faces with these funny office-friendly frames, inspired by none other than Wooly Willy. Help Dad through long hours at the office or extended conference calls with the Fuzzy Face Photo Frame.Fuzzy Face Photo Frame Wooly Willy Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Designer

Most office spaces are not designed with our posture in mind. Sitting for hours at a desk can wreak havoc on your body. While replacing your office chair with an exercise ball can help the ‘office slump” by strengthening your back muscles, there aren’t a lot seating options that are actually comfortable. Wouldn’t Dad love to work from the comfort of a hammock? The Fuut Hammock is a fully adjustable foot rest that accommodates to your desk-time activities. Available in a rainbow of colors for less than $30.00, you can get home one for the office and for the home!

Fuut Foot Hammock Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Designer

Here in Kansas City, there are two seasons: BBQ Season and Tailgating Season.  Chances are Dad already has a grill along everything he might need to whip up a delicious spread… Or does he? It seems that there is a point in every backyard gathering when the host transfers the buffet from the sun-soaked deck into the air-conditioned kitchen. How long can you let potato salad sit in the sun? Ensure that your BBQ spread and beverages stay gloriously cold and easily accessible during your summer gatherings with this instant party hit: The InflataBuffet.

Inflatabuffet Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Designer.

How do you take your burgers? Well done, rare, burnt to a crisp on the outside but raw in the middle? Branding irons can make a great gift for the Grill Master in your family, but these branding irons are by far the coolest. Instead branding burgers with your average R, MR, MW, WD (rare, medium rare, medium well, etc…), Dad can make your personal burger with a personal message with the BBQ Branding Iron With Interchangeable Letters from Gadgets & Gear.

BBQ Branding Iron with Interchangable letters

Working the grill isn’t all fun and games. You’re at the party but you’re not at the party; you’re hovering over the grill on a hot summer day. Grab an icy cold beverage and have a seat with your guests while your meats are cooked to perfection—just make sure your phone is within earshot! The iGrill Pro Ambient Meat Probe lets you hang back and relax while your foods cook, alerting your iPhone when your meats have reached the desired temperature. This two-pronged device is ideal for cooking two different items simultaneously; grill your chicken to perfection while ensuring that rare steak doesn’t end up medium. All from the comfort of your Adirondack!

iGrill Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Designer

Is Dad’s outdoor space at a premium? The DeckMATE Railing Table easily attaches to any size deck rail, adding table space to your balcony or deck without taking up precious floor space.

Deck Mate Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Designer

We have SO MANY MORE great gift ideas on our Pinterest page! From turning the soundwaves from your voice into a custom canvas art-piece, to custom home bar accessories, to the coolest gadgets and home accessories, we are sure to have something Dad will LOVE. Check it out!


To all the Dads out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY from your friends at Design Connection, Inc.!