So there you are, you have done everything right, you researched and hired a designer and they are working to transform your space and you hit a roadblock. The “My Way or the Highway” approach seems to work for some designers but let’s face it, it’s your home and you have to live with it which makes it important to find a qualified designer who will collaborate not quarrel.

In Kansas City, I recently assisted a client who had traditional furnishings we were working around. Upon meeting with him, I found out he really wanted something very contemporary. I was off base, we worked together from a new starting point and voila he was happy! He even sent me a follow up e-mail thanking me for taking the time to listen.

It made me start thinking about the fact that not all designers will listen and just how important that is. Granted, I may not think that sentimental family piece should be incorporated back into your room but if you love it so much, I’ll find a way to work it in as best I can. The goal is to make your space perfect for you. At Design Connection, Inc. we do listen and cater to the needs of our clients because we think that’s important. Afterall our motto says it all, You Talk, We’ll Listen, You’ll LOVE!

We’d love to hear what you think – if you’ve had an experience (good or bad) that you’d like to share feel free to speak up! We’re listening…