The “to-do” lists seem to make us a little frazzled around the holidays, so much to do and seemingly so little time. Depending on your list, you may be done or nearly done with the decorating, baking, shopping and planning but have you had time to think about preparing for your out-of- town guests? As we put a dent into our holiday “to-do” lists, we started thinking about what we can do to make our guest rooms warm and cozy for our holiday guests within the next week or so and decided to share some of our ideas with you.

Quick Design Help for your Guest Room

Warm and Cozy is the goal and we can have you well on your way to surrounding your guests with comfortable bliss in 3 easy steps.

1. Some TLC and Tidying up: Go through the room and do a thorough cleaning, vacuum and dust. Guest rooms seem to be a catch-all for odds and ends since they are often out of sight, out of mind. Clean out the clutter for an instant good impression. If you have time, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for sprucing up a guest room and making it feel brand new.

2. Ambiance and Aromatherapy. Easy and inexpensive to do, find a pretty vase or a festive mug and fill with fresh flowers for the room. Comfort has as much to do with sight as it does with smell. Add to the appeal of the room by burning candles for a soft glow and a welcoming scent or try a decorative diffuser for aromatherapy without the flame. Don’t forget the lighting of the room can add to the atmosphere. It is important to have good lamps in the room so your guests have a place to retreat and read or relax away from the family when needed. For that extra-special something that will make your guests smile with delight, leave them a small box of chocolates or some holiday candies with a note welcoming them to your home for the holidays.

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3. Good Bedding Equals Bliss. Especially around the holidays, we all appreciate a good night’s sleep. Ensure your guests have good, soft sheets and warm blankets for their bed. A down mattress pad is an inexpensive way to give your guests a great rest and if you can, incorporate a mix of two down and two regular pillows to choose from.

Cindy, our office manager loves to entertain and her guests are welcomed with a glass of wine and a wonderful guest room retreat using the many of tips we’ve shared with you. She says her secrets for keeping her guests happy are fresh flowers and wonderful bedding. We’re thinking we want to go visit her too! We hope you are able to use some of our quick holiday design tips to get your guest room ready for company. From the team at Design Connection, Inc. we wish you the best and hope you enjoy the festivities of the season with your family and friends!