The latest interior design trend is rocking its way into our homes in the most unexpected and beautiful forms. From the tiniest embellishments and accessories to entire rooms dedicated to these beautiful rocks, we’ve got some great ideas how you can incorporate the power of agates and geodes in your home décor.

At Design Connection, we’ve had our eye on agate for quite some time. Once we saw it popping up at the Spring 2014 High Point Market, we knew it was only a matter of time before we would be seeing more of these gorgeous stones rocking out in emerging home décor designs.

By using lighting as art, you can easily update your space and breathe new life into an old design. These Willy Daro table lamps are beautiful on their own, yet turn into a stunning work of art with the flip of a switch.

Agate Willy Daro Lamp Collage
Photo Source:


The beauty of agate seems to come alive when incorporated into light fixtures. Chandeliers featuring agate and geode slices allow light to travel through these semi-translucent stones, creating a look that is elegant and unique to each piece.

Agate Chandelier Collage
Photo Source from left to right: Corbett Lighting, Emporium Home, Vanity Mirror Co.

Because of their awe-inspiring relationship with light, its no wonder we’re seeing agates and geodes on a grander scale. When back-lit with LED lighting, a gorgeous countertop or wall panel is transformed into a breathtaking masterpiece. Whether as a kitchen, bathroom or home bar countertop, these beautiful stones will light up any space.

Agate Geode Kitchen Island
Photo Source: Majestic Gemstone
Geode Agate Wall Panel
Photo Source: Majestic Gemstone

An entire wall of geode, agate or marble is a bold look–with an equally bold price tag. Thanks to the brilliant designs of Alex Turco and the incredible invention of the Waterproof Art Panel, you can splash your shower wall with this very realistic looking faux rock.   This powder room pictured below by DKOR Interiors has exploded on Pinterest and added to over 58,000 ideabooks on Houzz, believed to be a gigantic, exquisite geode slab. Next to it, you see the waterproof art panel by Alex Turco via  Brilliant!

Geode Wall Collage

These Waterproof Art Panels are designed to withstand extreme environments, from the shower wall to the your home’s exterior. Created with a laser printer, hand processed with acrylic colors and metal pigments, some resin layering and waterproofing, our walls will never be the same!

Geode Waterproof Art Panel
Geode Waterproof Art Panels. Photo Source:

The entire design of these rooms has revolved around agate. For those of us, like me, who prefer to enjoy our geodes on a smaller scale, we have many, many décor options. In order to prevent your decor from going into geode overload, I suggest selecting one or two small agate treasures.

Agate Stained Glass Window Panel
Agate stained glass window panel by miloglass via
Agate Desk Set
24kt Gold & Agate Black Lacquer Desk Set at
Agate Plates and Coasters
Agate plates and coasters from Viva Terra

We hope that you can find the perfect touch of agate and geode rock designs for your home. For even more design ideas, be sure to check out our Pinterest Page dedicated to these gorgeous home accessories.