When designing, remodeling or updating your home, many homeowners are focused on important decisions like choosing paint colors and deciding between granite or quartz countertops. A home safety plan is often times an afterthought. We’re sharing some great ideas on how to be ready for an emergency in your home–with style.

I realized that we didn’t have a set safety plan when we had a “situation” in the kitchen recently. I had a fire extinguisher—but where was it? Under the sink? Or did I store it in the pantry? Or was it the hall closet?

Thankfully, we didn’t have to resort to using it, but it got me thinking. How many of us have a plan of action in the event of an emergency in our home? Simply owning a fire extinguisher is not a plan! It was this experience, along with my latest online shopping discoveries that have inspired this week’s blog, Home Safety in Style.

Having a fire extinguisher on-hand in the kitchen (and knowing where it is) is a must. So why wasn’t mine available? Because I tucked it away in a drawer, rarely to be seen and eventually forgotten. Fire extinguishers are big, red, eyesores! They are a blemish on the wall distracting from the beauty of your space. Until now!

Fire Design Extinguishers Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Fire Design

Designed to be on display (and NOT forgotten in a drawer), these fun fire extinguishers by Fire Design are super cute and come in a rainbow of colors and styles. From Hello Kitty and The Rolling Stones to travel, food and pop culture themes, you are sure to find one that fits your style. Did I mention they make great gifts?

Fire Design Fire Extinguishers Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design BlogFire Design Fire Extinguishers 2 Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog

Solid colors and metallic finishes are available, too! My favorite find is their fun take on a wine bottle, complete with wooden wine box. How cool is that!?

Fire Design Wine Bottle Fire Extinguishers Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design BlogAnother must-have for every home is a first aid kit. You can easily make your own first aid kit and customize it to your needs, or you can introduce today’s technology into your medicine cabinet. The First Aid 2.0 by Yanko Designs puts a modern spin on the old bandage box. The LED Red Cross panel is more than just a cool nightlight; it displays step-by-step instructions on how to administer first aid, relevant to the injury. Its GPS can even find the location of the nearest hospital or clinic! The battery allows it to operate for 24 hours per charge and six months on standby (nightlight) mode. The First Aid 2.0 may just be the beacon you need during a power outage or emergency in your home.

Modern First Aid Kit Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design

The N. Nursing Kit, also from Yanko Designs, is probably the cutest first aid kit I have ever seen! In addition to having an attractive and organized design, the N. Nursing Kit becomes a lantern as well as a flashlight.

N. Nursing Kit Kansas City Interior Designer Design Connection Inc

These first aid kits are perfect for your “safe place”; your storm shelter, crawl space, basement, or wherever you hide out during a bad storm. Speaking of storms, it’s tornado season! Living in Kansas City, we’re no stranger to strong storms, seasonal micro-bursts and occasional tornadoes. Many times we are left with no electricity; sometimes for hours, sometimes for days.Having a flashlight is a must. Having a flashlight that can charge your cell phone is a lifesaving luxury! The INOVA T3R is the most advanced USB rechargeable lithium ion LED flashlight available. Perfect to keep at home, in the office and in the car.

Inova T3R Flashlight USB Interior Design Blog by Design Connection Inc

During a power outage, having a kitchen accessory that is functional, portable and space-saving like this slim lined cooking system can make a world of difference, especially if you find yourself without power for days. It’s no secret that we’re fans of induction cooktops; except in power outages. They’re electric.  No electricity means no cooking. No morning coffee. No bacon and eggs. Not to fear, the Portable Kitchen Concept by Merwyn Wijaya will have you boiling water in less than 30 seconds—faster than you can place an order at your local drive-thru. This isn’t just your average portable induction cooktop. It’s a high-tech cooking system. The pan alone is amazing! It’s made of a 2-way ferromagnetic shape memory alloy. Basically, when it’s cool it lays completely flat; when it’s placed on the induction cooktop it takes the shape of a pan. Brilliant!

Induction Cooktop Kansas City Interior Designer Design Connection Inc

Most homes in the Kansas City area have basements, so the threat of tornadoes is usually an afterthought when making important design decisions. It’s not until we hear the tornado sirens and head down to the basement do we consider that the safest spot in the house may be no match for an F5 twister. The easiest and possibly the most cost efficient way to ensure your family’s safety during a storm is with an above ground steel safe room, which is bolted to the concrete foundation of your home.

Storm Shelter TV Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design

Storm shelters have proven to remain grounded, intact and undamaged through F5 tornadoes.These safe rooms can be installed in new construction or existing homes in garages, carports, patios or yards. If you are building a new home, work your safety plan into the design of your home. This storm room is hidden beneath the kitchen island:

Hidden Shelter Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design

From the Design Connection family to yours, we wish you a beautiful spring and uneventful tornado season. If you need help incorporating a safe room or storm shelter into your home’s interior design, you can call on us!