Is your heart set on a freestanding soaker bathtub? Are you SURE that’s the best choice for you? What are the pros and cons? Let’s look at your options:


There are only two things you need to do in order to truly get the bathtub of your dreams:

  1. Learn what your options are
  2. Combine your style preferences with your lifestyle requirements

How can you make the best choice if you don’t have all the information? Let’s say you have your heart set on a freestanding soaker bathtub—are you SURE that’s the best choice for you? What are the pros and cons? Let’s look at all of your options!!!

Modern Master Bathroom Freestanding Tub

Freestanding tubs: Soaker tubs are a thing of beauty and they deserve to stand alone. Like an exquisite piece of art, freestanding bathtubs are usually the focal point of the bathroom, setting the tone of luxury, serenity and relaxation. I have updated countless bathrooms which centered on my clients’ desire for a stand-alone bathtub, like this award winning bathroom remodel pictured above, as well as my latest Before and After bathroom project below.

Before and After Bathroom Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Designer

Cutting edge bathtub designs are taking the ritual of cleansing to a high-end level of architectural beauty.  Freestanding baths provide a luxurious stage for inspired design while making the comforts of a lavish spa part of our daily lives. I love freestanding tubs because they are ideal for every design style, giving enormous scope for creativity and inspired design in a bathroom.

Petal Freestanding tub with slide
Photo Source: Shahid Jamal Design Studio

But the perfect bathtub is SO MUCH MORE than just good looks! Sure, freestanding bathtubs are stunning and sexy; they can also be a bit difficult and awkward to get in and out of. Not sexy! According to feedback from quite a few of my clients, modern soaker tubs are not as comfortable as they look; they are not utilizing their freestanding bathtubs as often as they intended. If you are a take-a-bath-now-and-then kind of person, this gorgeous style may be right up your alley. If you are looking for the perfect tub to enjoy daily bathing bliss, keep reading!

Clawfoot Tub Kansas City Interior Design Blog
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Clawfoot Tubs: Clawfoot tubs are appropriate for just about any style setting and effortlessly enhance the space with historic charm. The freestanding tubs popular today are simply a modern take on this age-old classic style. From bright colors and shimmery mosaic tiles to copper patina and original paint, clawfoot tubs have never gone and will never go out of style.

Blue Moasic Clawfoot Bathtub Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Photo Source: Chadder & Co.

The slipper style clawfoot tub features a graceful curved high back which supports the head and neck and provides the option of a comfortable arm rest.


The double slipper style provides an extra dose of symmetry and style to your space and gives you the option to relax on either side.

Classic Claw Foot Tub Double SLipper
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3-Wall Alcove Tub: The most common of all bathtub styles and typically seen as a bathtub-shower combination, the 3-wall alcove tub is a functional way to get the most use out of a small space.

Julian Wass Alcove Bathtub
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While the 3-wall alcove tub can probably be found just off of a hallway in nearly every home across America, true alcove tubs are rising in popularity. Separating the bathtub from the shower and giving each their own dedicated area is a design request that I get more often than not from my clients remodeling their master bathrooms. There are some major perks to having an alcove tub vs a stand-alone or clawfoot, like storage. Toiletries and candles and towels can be stored within arm’s length!


As we become more and more connected to our devices, it is important to have a space where we can decompress and de-stress, unplug and reboot. Wouldn’t you just love a little nook, a little niche, a little alcove to slip away to? A little drop-down tub to slip into?

 Traditional Bathroom by New York Photographers Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

The only difference between an under-mount and drop-in tubs the that the under-mounted tub’s rim is covered by a surrounding deck top, usually a continuance of the same flooring, stone, tile, cabinetry, etc. used elsewhere in the bathroom.

Japanese Soaking Tub: A nice soak in a warm bath will help relieve sore muscles and aching joints. But not all of us are bath people. Some of us would be bath people, but let’s get real; standard bathtubs were designed with kids in mind! If I am tall enough to ride this ride, I am too tall to fit comfortably in a standard bathtub.

Japanese soaking tub 2016 Bathtub Design Trends
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These types of bathtubs not only take up very little floor space, they allow people of all shapes and sizes the comfort and luxury of being completely submerged.

Technology, creativity and artistry are washing away the years we’ve spent showering in a bathtub and bathing in a box. Most of the bathtubs tubs I am sharing with you are fully customizable, from colors and materials to sizes and depths, water-jets and sound systems. Are you thinking about incorporating a bath into your master suite? You can check out our bathroom remodeling and design portfolio for some ideas or come see us so we can help you create your perfect vision! We offer complimentary in-studio interior design consultations and can help you plan your next decorating or remodeling project.  What are you waiting for? Spring is the perfect time to get started on your home improvement and interior design projects!  We can help you with all of your interior design, remodeling and restyling projects throughout the Greater Kansas City area.