Every house has a main entrance, which is the first impression of your home. The way you furnish and accessories this small space can do wonders for the welcome that it gives you after a long day at work, or your visiting guests.

Functionally, there should be some kind of a small side table, or large console. Here you can arrange objects to create a look or set the mood. An interesting lamp, maybe a fabulous glass dish for keys or a seasonal plant are just a few ideas. Balance and proportion are very important in the design of small or large entrances.

Design Tip

A small carpet can be a great focal point, but it has to be properly sized for the space. You don’t have to sacrifice durability for style; we work with great carpet companies. http://www.fabrica.com and http://www.chandrarugs.com

Other things to consider in a foyer include: lighting fixtures, art work and paint colors. The best way to make sure that everything works together is to consult with an interior designer.