Embracing your Animal Instincts in Design

Have you ever noticed how when you smile, it is an instant pick-me-up? You just feel better and your stress just melts away when you have a grin on your face. Two things that make me smile are really good interior design and animals,  combine the two and I am a blissfully happy designer! Being off my feet these past few weeks due to my foot surgery had me spending inordinate amounts of time with my beloved dogs and while staying down has been beyond difficult, having them around makes it all better. Despite the pain of recovery, I found myself smiling! As I looked around from my perch on the bed or on the sofa, I started to take note of all the things in my home decor that had a touch of inspiration from the wonderful world of animals. A print here, an accessory there. It got me to thinking that perhaps it’s time to dedicate a blog to animals and how there are countless ways to incorporate them into your interior for a bit of wild and whimsical fun!

Supreme Seating
I love the surprise element of these chairs. From the front they appear to be gorgeously upholstered chairs, then  when you get around the sides and the back you can see the detailing and design. Whether it’s Peacocks or Butterflies, how can you keep from smiling when you see how beautiful these are?

Blown Glass Animal Figurines from Steuben Design at Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Blown Glass Animal Figurines from Steuben Design

Graceful in Glass
So you like a more contemporary feel to your accessories? Look no further, the graceful and fluid lines of these glass animals will complement any room, any color, any style. These in particular make me want to reach out and touch them they are so pretty!

Fauna Animal Pillows from Design Public at Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Fauna Animal Pillows from Design Public

Purr-fect Pillows
I adore these little throw pillows! From puppies, to gorillas, to piglets and everything in between these puffy bits of ingenuity will definitely be conversation starters. Get a little wild and toss a couple on your couch or on your bed!

Origami Hunter Wall Lamps by Si Studio at Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Origami Hunter Wall Lamps by Si Studio

A Head on the Wall
There are creative alternatives to the hunter’s tradition of literally incorporating animals into your home decor. These amazing origami inspired lights are a fantastic way to give a nod to the tradition of hanging heads on the wall with all of the style and none of the gore!

Horchow Cream Zebra Rug Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Horchow Cream Zebra Rug

Don’t Fur-get the Floor
Bold statements for the floor that are harmless for our furry friends! Keep in mind that animal prints don’t have to be in traditional or realistic colors either as seen in the Cream Zebra rug design above. Fresh and fun!

Moooi Horse Lamp at Design Connection In Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Horse Lamp from Moooi

A Horse of a Different Lamp
If you are looking for over the top style, then you have to check out the life-size horse lamp from Moooi. It’s a showstopper and need we say more? If you check out their site take a look at the pig side table too. It will make you smile for certain!

Neiman Marcus Tiger Stripe Sofa Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Neiman Marcus Tiger Stripe Sofa

Purrrrrrrrfectly Upholstered
Don’t forget there are a wealth of great textiles you can incorporate into your home decor with some great mix/match upholstery or even draperies. Whether it’s a touch of animal embroidery in your drapery sheers or a tiger striped couch you can find that perfect balance, just make sure you don’t overdo it!

Whether you start out with a small accessory or go for a fully themed room, incorporating animal inspired design into your home can be a wonderful way to put a smile on your face every time you enter. There are some truly wonderful fabrics and products out there that run the gamut from sophisticated to silly depending on where your tastes lie. If you need help getting a little wild with your interior design, I hope you’ll think of us at Design Connection, Inc. Located in Kansas City, we offer complimentary in-studio interior design consultations, so come on by or schedule an appointment here and let’s see how we can make your room roar!

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: Haute House, Design Public, Steuben Design, Si Studios and Horchow.