I’m still recovering from my recent foot surgery and while it has it’s ups and downs (ha ha), one of the benefits was that I had a little bit of time to relax and think about one of my favorite topics…interior design! While I was resting, I was called upon by a friend to help choose paint colors for an office and it made me shift into “color” mode. The color swatches she started out with were not even close to the ones she ended up with! After spending time looking at the ones she thought she liked, she ended up going with the one that made her FEEL really good. Sometimes it’s hard to envision a room in color or what it would look like with the right accessories. With so many options to choose from it’s often hard to decide which is why so many people gravitate toward neutrals. While everyone knows I love my neutrals, I also think that everyone can benefit from a splash of color here and there (and then some…). With color once again on my mind I wandered out into the vast landscape of the world wide web only to find lots of inspiring and colorful things to share with you.  While there were way too many for a single blog post, here are a few of my favorites. Do not live in fear of color my friends, I am here to save hue.

Color My World
There is simplicity and creativity in this ingenious bowl from Michiel Cornelissen that allows you to customize with all the colors of the rainbow or just the ones you like. What a fun conversation piece and perfect for family game night as a practical table accessory. Does anyone want to play Pictionary?

Della Robbia bon bon ottoman Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Della Robia’s colorful bon bon ottomans will brighten your room

To Mix or Match?
Put your feet up or have extra seating for friends with these fantastic plush ottomans. In a variety of colors you can mix and match or if you’re especially daring, choose one of every color and live the vivid live through your home decor!

Bioglass at Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Colorful BioGlass makes for a gorgeous countertop, flooring or wall accent

Recycled Rainbow
Your beer or wine bottles just got a new lease on life. In a rainbow of NATURAL colors, BioGlass is a gorgeous way to incorporate 100% recycled glass into your home decor.  Perfect for a durable and oh so pretty countertop, but strong enough to be used in floors and walls. Who knew our empties could be so useful in home decor?

Emory Krall's OLED origami light for Universal Display
Emory Krall’s OLED origami light for Universal Display

Changing Hues

Remember the Rubik’s cube? I came across a cool article featuring these concept origami lights by designer Emory Krall and was so intrigued by them. When you talk about incorporating color in design it’s so easy to forget about using light- colored lights especially are so mesmerizing and can affect your mood. While these may not be available to buy off the shelf, the idea behind them and the chameleon-like quality of the translucent glass to make the colors change as you move the light fixture should provide plenty of inspiration for you to find a light fixtures, colored shade or bulbs to bring soft soothing hues to bathe your rooms in! Oh and don’t forget to watch the stop motion video! WATCH THE LIGHT VIDEO!  OLED Origami Light

Vintage Pillows Ouno Designs at Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Vintage pillows from Ouno Design

Pastels and Prints from the Past
Add the colors of yesteryear into your home decor with the easiest way to infuse color into your home. Throws and pillows made from vintage fabrics are beautifully made, earth friendly and just plain pretty!

OK so now that you’ve had your dose of cheerful color and a bit of fun & funky design inspiration, it’s time to get to work and transform your spaces. Come share with me your ideas for color and how you incorporated it into your design- or if you are still having trouble, you can always come to the studio for a free interior design consultation.

Click on the photos to visit the websites of these fine folks: Michiel Cornelissen, Della Robia, Coverings Etc., inhabitat.com and Ouno Design