People sure love their pets. I know I do. I’ll be the first to admit that my little pups are spoiled. They always get the best seat in the house and I swear they eat healthier than I do. Pets are members of the family and are usually treated as such.  I am reminded of this every December when my mailbox gets stuffed with Christmas Cards containing messages like, “Happy Holidays. Love John, Jennifer & Sparky”. Pictures of our pets adorn our desktops, we daydream about them when we’re at work and we worry about them when we’re coming home late.

As an interior designer in Kansas City and Overland Park, I have seen all too often our fuzzy, furry, four-legged friends become an afterthought when homeowners remodel their homes. The design professionals at Design Connection, Inc. are here to speak up for Sparky and show you some stylish solutions to consider before you revamp your space.

Sometimes our furry family members believe they are actual human beings and behave in ways that entertain us and sometimes frustrate us. If you pet absolutely insists on lounging on the couch, what can you do? Get them their own? With the recent technological advances in fabrics and textiles, furnishing your home with designs that are truly pet friendly is not only possible; it’s affordable. But wait-there’s more!

Our options used to be extremely limited when it came to selecting the perfect pet-friendly furniture; leather, microsuede and good old fashioned plastic. Not anymore! The super smart folks at Crypton developed a super smart, super soft “Super Fabric” that is permanently stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant. It is also the only non-porous, anti-microbial, Greengaurd certified fabric on the market.

Crypton Super Fabrics are showing up in households across America. What started out as stylish and functional dog bedding and blankets has exploded into a fabric revolution. Sofas and chairs, window treatments and bedding will never be the same! You know how Sparky likes to tear through the mud after a squirrel, right after a good rain, then heads straight for your sofa? Well, now you can easily, and quite literally, wipe away all of the evidence. You know how you like to sneak that midnight piece of cake in bed, only to have it jump off the plate & onto your duvet?  Well, now you can quietly wipe away all of the evidence without ever waking your slumbering partner. Who knew fabric could be so sneaky?

You may be able to wipe the mud off of your Crypton upholstered sofa, but you’ve still got to give Sparky a bath. Bathing dogs in an average bathtub can be such a pain in the back! Remember that ache when it comes time to redesign your mud room or laundry room. Installing a washing sink is a common request I get from my clients when renovate their laundry rooms. I say, if you’ve got the space, go for the both. A washing sink and a dog shower.

Cats are no exception to the wonders of modern interior design. Kitty condos can be such an eyesore! Not only do they take up precious floor space, they tend to be focal points in the room regardless of where they are placed. Floating shelves help maintain a minimalist interior design theme while providing your puddy-tat an exclusive place to jump, hide, sleep and play. These homeowners were able to completely share their space with their furry family without sacrificing their style.

I could go on & on about all the possible ways to tastefully incorporate your pets in your interior designs. Check out our Houzz Ideabooks and Pinterest Boards for more of Design Connection, Inc.’s highest rated pet-friendly decor ideas.

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Ok, ok, one more pic. This is my little Angel. Stop by Design Connection, Inc. to meet him!