Have you ever painted a room with a color that looked great on the paint chip you picked up from the store only to find you hated it once it was on your walls? Have no fear, the Kansas City interior design team at Design Connection, Inc. is here to give you some easy ideas to make choosing color a little less intimidating and a lot more fun!

It doesn’t take much to scare people away from color and running right into the arms of comforting neutrals. Just stand in front of a display at a home improvement store…if the incremental shades of color start to blur into one another as your pulse begins to race, RELAX. There’s no need to run screaming into the parking lot with a can of standard eggshell paint to ease your troubled walls, instead start grabbing some color chips and head home to contemplate!

A Bright Idea…

The lighting in most home improvement stores is usually fluorescent and lends a cool hue to the chips- effectively altering your perception of the color. Better to take the sample paint chips home and stick them to the wall of the room you want to paint and see how it looks in natural light. No time for that? Then walk outside and look at the colors, chances are you’ll notice a difference in the warmth of the hues and any subtle color undertones simply because you are now viewing the color in a more natural light. The lighting in your home and type of bulbs you use can also affect how a color looks. Also if you wear tinted contacts or glasses, that can affect how you perceive the color (in which case you might want a second opinion from someone you trust or an experienced interior designer).

If you are still undecided, we’ve noticed a trend in most major home improvement stores where they are selling sample size containers of many paint colors. These are perfect for you to test the color on your walls BEFORE you commit precious time and energy to painting the entire room. As an added bonus this will enable you to truly see how the color looks in daylight, nighttime and everything in between.

A Quiick How – To…

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, one of the most important tools (besides a good dropcloth) for painting a room is a really good trim brush. Often the most difficult task when painting a room is getting the trim right. You can tape it off with green or blue low tack painter’s masking tape (time consuming but effective if you wait for the paint to dry and carefully score a line along the edge before you peel it off) or you can be brave and paint it freehand or utilize a paint guard that you slide along the wall as you paint. The most invaluable tool I’ve found for painting trim is a really good angled trim brush. That is the one thing I spare no expense on when I tackle painting a room myself. Personally, I’m a fan of the short trim brushes with the rubber handle that can fit easily in the palm of your hand.В  It makes the job of painting so much easier for me.

What Color Should I Pick?

Ahhh that’s the million dollar question and one we’ll visit in a future post. In the interim, you can check out some great tools from industry leaders Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. At the Sherwin Williams site, they have a fun Color Visualizer tool that lets you upload pictures of your room and experiment with color that’s pretty nifty. Benjamin Moore takes it further with a free iphone app called Ben that you can use to find a color palette based on a snapshot or use their Paint Calculator that lets you determine how much you need to paint your space. Lots of resources out there to make painting less tedious and a lot more fun. Let Design Connection, Inc. help you with your color choices if you need a hand, we do color consultations and help you bring it all together with the latest styles, colors and accessories!