What are the rules when it comes to creating the perfect dining room? The answer can be found in this month’s issue of Kansas City Homes & Style Magazine, as well as pictures from our recent award winning project—Check it out!



Often considered to be the most formal room in the home, dining room design etiquette has evolved from “traditionally furnished” to “casually infused with personality”.  Here are some highlights from the December 2016 Homes & Style’s article:

Not Your Mother’s Dining Room

Photo Source: HomeandStyleKC.com
Photo Source: HomeandStyleKC.com

When it comes to creating that perfect dining room, there are no rules except to simply have fun with it!

Story by Ann Butenas

If you have been searching for a guide book to advise you how to create that perfect dining room space, you probably won’t find it here. In fact, according to JoAnn Craig, owner of Couches to Curios, a home furniture and décor consignment store in Overland Park, Kansas, there are no rules when it comes to creating the dining room best suited for your home. There truly are no trends or definitive styles. If it speaks to you and makes you happy, that should be the statement your dining room makes. In other words, just have fun with it.

“People are going more casual in their approach to the dining room,” noted Craig. “Designs are becoming more eclectic now, such as having chairs and a table that don’t necessarily match.” Formality with respect to this room has fallen to the wayside and a more casual ambiance is taking its place. Today’s dining rooms are inviting home owners to design it in whatever style they desire, and also giving them the freedom to switch it up as often as they choose.

“I love that people are putting into their homes what they like and what makes them happy,” expressed Craig. “It is no longer your mother’s dining room; it’s whatever you like and want it to be.” So, forget about that formal china (unless, of course, that is what you want to use!) and break out the table servings, furniture, décor and colors that make you smile. While your dining room may only be so big, the sky is the limit when it comes to making your own personal statement with it.

In other words, when it comes to making this space yours, the pressure is off and the fun is on! Enjoy incorporating those elements, styles, and designs that speak to you. As the following series of dining room features prove, this room can truly speak its mind and enjoy the results.


Arlene Ladegaard, Design Connection Inc.

When this 1960s-style home needed an updated look, the homeowner looked no further than to Arlene Ladegaard, principal designer and owner of Design Connection, Inc. Through a complete remodeling effort, Ladegaard introduced a variety of statement pieces to allow for a casual feeling in an eye-catching transitional setting.

“This is a very tailored, yet not super dressy, room,” indicated Ladegaard, who chose to make the Java finish table and contemporary upholstered chairs with navy linen fabric the primary focal point, extending beyond that with conversation-starting elements such as textured drapes, an elongated chrome chandelier accented by crystal, coordinating wall sconces for a softer ambiance, and a custom-made shelf for ease of serving.

“We eliminated the former china buffet and cabinet and added this shelf, providing more depth and width to the room,” stated Ladegaard.


Photo courtesy of Design Connection

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The winners of the National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) annual REMY awards were also announced in the December 2016 issue of Homes & Style Magazine, along with more pictures of our project! Here’s an excerpt from the article:


Honoring Award Winning Local Remodeling Projects

Inside, outside…all around the house, this year’s REMY award winning remodeling projects show off the best design and craftsmanship in Kansas City. The 23 remodeling projects completed by NARI professionals represent some of the highest quality projects in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The NARI REMY Awards is held annually to honor contractors for their craftsmanship, professionalism and their commitment to excellence in remodeling. Judged on a 90-point system by members of the Greater Omaha NARI chapter these are sure to catch your eye. The Best of Show awards were presented to four of the winning 23 projects.


Best of Show Over $250,000

Entire House Remodel: Brackmann Construction, Inc.   


Designs & Plans

Gold: Design Connection, Inc.


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