As a Greater Kansas City interior designer, it was such an honor to be featured in the June 2015 publication of Leawood Lifestyle Magazine. The team at Design Connection, Inc. would like to share with our feature story with you.


All That Glitters Really Is Gold

Article By Ann E. Buentas

Photography By Bill Matthews

When contemplating a new look for your home, don’t hesitate in taking that proverbial leap of faith. If an interior designer encourages you to incorporate the element of gold into your existing décor, don’t think twice. Just do it!

Consider this stylish and inviting Leawood residence dining room. Upon first seeing the use of gold in this room, if you sense it as not only timeless and priceless, but also adventurous, then please don’t waver from that initial conclusion. The newly-added gold makes a statement without overwhelming the room. The former brass chandelier was replaced with a new gold-accented lighting fixture and the dining room chairs were changed from brown to black to complement the gold color. The silver, gold and black wallpaper also make a huge impact on the room without drowning the warm ambiance. The buffet by Sarreid Furniture delightfully infuses black with gold in a circular pattern and the accent decorative bowl catches the eye while balancing the look. The final result provides an exciting and interesting look. And if you ever want to change the appeal of the room, a few accent pieces will quickly and easily do the trick.

Design Connection Inc Gold Dining Room

The owners of this home definitely thought long and hard before adding this exciting punch of style to their home. Instead of deferring to the status quo of interior design, the homeowners decided to color outside the lines and become the new trendsetters. The crystal and newly colored gold within the lighting fixture provide a unique look and vibe to the room. Not only do the homeowners love the look, but guests are equally impressed.

Gold Bedroom Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Designer

“It’s important to be willing to be more of a trendsetter in your area,” urges Arlene Ladegaard, owner and principle designer of Design Connection, Inc. “Be willing to listen to your designer and don’t be afraid to press the limits.”

So, forget what you think you know about decorating your home with gold. This is a trend that is creating exciting waves and making statements all at the same time. Gold is the new “it” color and no matter what ambiance your home décor portrays, gold can artfully and tastefully find its way into the interior design of your home without being over the top or gaudy.

Gold Fireplace Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Designer

Gold adds warmth and beauty, even in something as simple as accent pieces. Gold provides a very relaxing yet modern tone, and even though it is in a class by itself, it plays well with other colors, designs and patterns.

Content provided by Arlene Ladegaard, of Design Connection, Inc.   913.851.8776.