As the seasons change and spring turns into summer, I find myself sometimes idly sitting on the deck contemplating life and design. Have you ever found yourself in a mental rut only to realize that it has been raining and cold outside for a week and the moment the sun comes out, you suddenly start to feel better? The sunlight coming in a window or the brilliant blue hue of the sky peeking between the trees in the backyard are always an instant lift to my spirits. The play of light on the walls of my house and how it changes the mood of a room at different stages of the day, made me start thinking about some of the fundamental elements of design and how our spaces can have a profound impact on our sense of well being. With summer comes a sense of excitement, flowers are in bloom, I get a chance to get outside and plant things that I can nurture and grow and with that comes a feeling of optimism. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could bottle that up and bring it out when we need it the most? The good news here is that I think you can and you don’t even have to bottle it up. You can experience it everyday by the design choices you make for your spaces. From a simple coat of paint to a bunch of fresh flowers, the thought you put into your design is as important as the design itself.  If it makes you feel good, that’s all that truly matters. Here are some of my ideas to brighten up your world, starting with your home!

Tonto Sofa Eco Friendly Furniture Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Eco Friendly Tonto sofa via


Not only can this fabulous sofa renew your spirits with its super chic lines, you can feel good about knowing where it came from and its impact on our environment. Because it’s made of earth conscious and renewable resources, you can take a deep breath and relax knowing that you achieved killer design without killing the planet!

Sunshine Room Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Kansas City Interior Design Blog
A room with sunshine and cheery yellow from Decor Pad

In traditional Feng Shui, yellow is an energizing color bringing joy, happiness, luck, and wealth. It also happens to be my favorite color! Why not invite a splash of yellow into your rooms where you need a little positive reinforcement and happy vibes?

Zen Inspired Bedroom Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Zen Inspired Bedroom from Decor Pad

When you think of relaxation the first thing that comes to mind is sleep. Using soft linens, comfy pillows, and choosing colors that help you unwind at the end of the day is just the ticket when it comes to making your space help you relax! Ahhhhhhhhh.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Votivo Seablue Sky Candle Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Votivo Seablue Sky Candle at

Aromatherapy is a simple yet effective way to set a mood in a room. I love burning candles year-round and one of my favorite “smelly” candle brands is Votivo. Their candles smell just heavenly and they can make your home smell  that way too. If you’re all about the total sensory experience, don’t forget to include scent in your home! Sit back, and take a deep breath and revel in the wonderful space you’ve created for yourself!

Zen Pool Pergola Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Zen Pool and pergola from

Where do you go to find inspiration? Personally I love the water, whether I’m at the lake, on a beach or soaking in my tub the element of water soothes my soul.This pool just made me think of how relaxing it could be to lay poolside and lounge on the cushions or listen to the song of the sea while I dream up new design ideas for my clients!

Decor with Meaning Design Connection Inc Kansas City Interior Design Blog
Decor with Meaning–Wall Photos! Via DecorPad

A friend of mine once said that everything in his house has a story. He chose to create and fill his spaces with decor that had meaning, whether it was a piece from childhood or something that had a fond memory attached. Finding comfort in your surroundings is so key to your mental well being. Decorating with personal pictures, or maybe a funny accent that you have joked about for years with a friend can make a space special!

The bottom line here is that your space should make you feel good. Negative thoughts about a room can make their way into your life and none of us need that kind of drama.  So go ahead, think about your rooms and what you can do to them to make them into places you’ll identify with and love! If you need more ideas for how you can personalize and energize your space so that it helps you to stay positive, all you have to do is contact me! I offer free in-studio consultations at Design Connection and I specialize in creating custom solutions for the interior design needs of my clients in Kansas City.  If you like what you see, feel free to comment and give me feedback either here or online at Facebook and Twitter!  Now that I have such a burst of fresh ideas and inspiration, I think I will go play in the yard a bit. Who knows, it might help me decide what I feel like writing about for next week! See you then.