Ok, I admit, I have painted a couple of walls beige, but I brought in fabulous furniture, fabric and texture to create the drama in the room. When starting a project, you have to make a choice. Are your walls going to do the talking, or is the furniture and items in the room going to make the statement?

If you want a great couch, with fun pops of color on the pillows I recommend going with a neutral color on the walls. You can bring in textures with your rug, drapery and accessories to keep the room interesting. Neutral walls also showcase art better, allowing the picture to draw your attention, rather than competing with a strong color.

If you feel more comfortable with a neutral furniture scheme, then I would defiantly bring in some color on the walls. You can create beautiful monochromatic furniture layouts, by paying attention to details and creating interest through pattern and texture. Then you can use the walls to either make a bold color statement, or more subtly enhance your room with just enough color to keep the room fascinating.

Everybody has a different definition of beautiful and that is the fun part of interior design, that we can cater a project exactly to the lifestyle and needs our clients. That is our design philosophy here at Design Connection, Inc. and our clients agree.

What our clients have to say!

“Arlene and her team did a phenomenal job with our new home. They listened to what we wanted and delivered in a huge way! When we bought the home, it was traditional and ordinary and did not reflect our tastes, but Arlene was able to completely revamp it with a contemporary, fresh look that we love!”
– Chris B.

Design Connection, Inc. excels at all types of home interior projects, and offers end to end services from space planning, through furnishing, material selections, to the last final touch WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU!

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