As an interior designer in Overland Park, I am so honored and beyond thrilled to have three projects featured in this month’s issues of both Johnson County Lifestyle Magazine AND Leawood Lifestyle Magazine! Check it out! Read the article below and check out the May 2018 issue of Leawood Lifestyle Magazine here:

And the May 2018 issue of Johnson County Lifestyle Magazine here:


A plethora of reasons draws clients to Arlene Ladegaard for their kitchen reinventions. Some homeowners seek improved function for their kitchens, others want to freshen up the style of their home on a budget, while some clients pursue a completely new kitchen within their existing space which allows for endless possibilities.

Ladegaard, owner and award-winning interior designer of Kansas City’s Design Connection, Inc., does it all; from updating existing finishes to complete kitchen remodels and addresses clients’ design desires with her straightforward approach.

“When it comes to your remodel, do what you really want to do, but do it in a style that matches the rest of the house,” Ladegaard recommends. “Don’t follow the trends. If you do what you love and what’s right for the house, it will stand the test of time.”


Kitchen renovations can be a costly endeavor, so sometimes Ladegaard will give a space a completely different look by updating finishes, as was the case with this Olathe home. Ladegaard completed the new look by darkening the cabinets, newly styled backsplash in a stunning herringbone pattern, quartz countertops that blend well with the light gray tiles, GE appliances in their new graphite finish and leather bar stools all resulting in a total reinvention of this 2005 home.

“If the style of the cabinets and the layout work, you can work with what you have and still create a stunning picture,” Ladegaard says.

When a Leawood couple’s grown children moved back in, they were faced with mealtime mayhem: multiple families were colliding in their existing kitchen. They dreamed of having an island and separate prep areas for everyone to help out.


So Ladegaard and her team came up with a solution. An island extended from a wall that houses a gas cooktop, prep sink and eating area while also creating two defined spaces to allow multiple family members to work in the kitchen at the same time.

Cream painted cabinetry and wood accents maintain the homey style of the kitchen and keep it consistent with the traditional style of the home. Above all, the new kitchen design matches the family’s new lifestyle.

When Overland Park clients requested a brand-new kitchen layout and design to replace their dated one, the Design Connection team served up an all-white kitchen that’s fresh, crisp and clean. Gold accents bring the space in-line with today’s modern kitchen styling. Lighted display cabinets create visual dimension but also enhance function with their added storage space.

“Before, this kitchen looked dated,” Ladegaard says. “Now it possesses a timeless look that the owners will love throughout their time living in the home.” Whatever your budget or lifestyle an updated kitchen space has endless possibilities.


Arlene Ladegaard is the principal designer at Design Connection Inc., an award-winning design firm in Overland Park. She can be reached at 913.851.8776. You may view other projects at